10 Makeup Mistakes to Avoid During the Holiday Season

Makeup mistakes can affect your Christmas party look. But what are they and how can you avoid them? We'll tell you here.
10 Makeup Mistakes to Avoid During the Holiday Season

Last update: 22 January, 2023

During the Christmas holidays, it’s normal to want to look your best accompanied by good makeup. However, regarding the latter, it’s advisable to avoid certain makeup mistakes that can overshadow your outfits. From the preparation of the skin to the application of cosmetics, no detail should be forgotten!

Similarly, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the free time during this time to check the products and detect their expiration date. As Dr. Dawn Davis, a Mayo Clinic dermatologist, explains, cosmetics should be cleaned every six months to reduce the risk of contracting infections from bacteria or other germs.

Do you already have in mind the makeup you want to wear this holiday season? Do you want to look perfect? Don’t let anything ruin it! Here are 10 mistakes to avoid and a few tips.

Makeup mistakes that ruin your holiday look

It’s no secret that makeup can enhance facial features. In fact, it’s a topic that has been researched. A publication in the journal Plos One comments that cosmetics can enhance facial features, in addition to smoothing the homogeneity of the skin and giving it a more uniform color.

However, for this to happen, it’s important to know the function of each product and how to apply it correctly. That said, in this article, we want to take a look at a list of makeup mistakes that tend to be made during the Christmas holidays. Avoiding them will be the key to looking flawless and attractive.

1. Not preparing your skin

One of the main makeup mistakes during the Christmas season is applying products without preparing your skin. Perhaps because of the rush, or because this step in the routine is simply ignored, many leave aside the cleansing and moisturizing of the skin.

Of course, this can affect the final finish, especially when the skin is dry or prone to acne. To counteract this, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends applying a gentle cleanser to the face and a moisturizer containing sunscreen 30 SPF or higher.

Preparar el rostro para el maquillaje
The first step to looking good in makeup is to prep the skin with cleansing, moisturizing, and sunscreen.

2. Overdoing it with the number of products

Many times, less is more. It’s not necessary to use all the products in your makeup kit. To get it right, it’s worth taking into account the outfit you are going to wear, the event, the time of day, and even the weather. These factors help to decide on the right look, without overloading the face with too many colors.

3. Selecting the wrong shades

There’s a risk of buying foundations or concealers that do not match the complexion of the face. If the color is darker or too low in tone, it is difficult to cover imperfections and achieve a good finish. To avoid this, it is best to opt for light palettes that are close to looking natural.

When in doubt, you can try a small amount on your jawline – not on your hand.

4. Abusing foundation

This is perhaps one of the most common makeup mistakes made when looking for Christmas looks. In an attempt to cover dark circles and other imperfections, some people apply layers and layers of foundation. The problem? This action cakes the complexion and, subsequently, the skin can look cracked or dirty.

Light foundations are the best alternative. There are added benefits to using those with moisturizing formulas. They absorb more easily, have good coverage, and leave your skin more even.

5. Incorrect use of concealer

There are several color correctors available on the market, depending on the imperfection you want to camouflage. Although this cosmetic is an ally, it easily leads to frequent makeup mistakes:

  • It accentuates wrinkles when not fully blended.
  • It uncovers dark circles under the eyes when you line the eye with a lighter shade than the natural one. It’s best to use the same shade as the foundation.
  • It creates the panda effect when mistaken for a highlighter, especially when used before foundation.

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6. Excessive eye makeup

While the style of makeup depends on the outfit and the occasion, using too many products on the eyes is usually not recommended. Saturated, too-dark, or shiny eye shadows take away from the idea of a rejuvenated look.

Meanwhile, darkening the lower part of the eyes too much makes them look smaller. Right now, the current trend is to use a white pencil as it has the effect of extending the eye. However, the idea is not to overdo it with shadows or eyeliners.

7. Makeup mistakes: Deforming the eyebrows

The eyebrows play a very important role in enhancing the attributes of the face. Thus, there are several trends to make them up. The drawback is that many people make the mistake of deforming them, especially when plucking. Avoid overdrawing the hairs and do not overdo it with shading.

After waxing, make-up should be applied in the same direction as the hair growth. Don’t use shades that are too dark, because highlighting them doesn’t look good.

8. Not knowing how to curl your eyelashes

There’s a debate about curlers: should it be used before or after mascara? Professional makeup artists agree that it’s better to curl clean lashes so that they do not break.

The Spanish Association of Makeup and Characterization Professionals suggests holding the eyelash from the root and pressing the tweezers for 10 to 30 seconds. If there are clumps after the eyelash, it’s advisable to remove them with a special brush.

Makeup mistakes
When applying mascara on the eyelashes, avoid clumps or excess product.

9. Makeup mistakes: Applying blush to the cheeks

The blusher is centered on the top of the cheekbone and not on the cheek. From above the cheekbone, blend towards the temple, always integrating it into the makeup. If the style emphasizes the lips and eyes, opt for a blusher-type blush. Once you know the rest of your look, you can intensify the blush.

10. Thick about contouring

Contouring is a professional technique that enhances the face as a whole or in specific areas. It consists of subtlety, without being dramatic or exaggerating the features. If done too thickly, the complexion loses naturalness.

With online tutorials, you learn how to execute contouring for the perfect makeup for holiday celebrations.

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Some final tips for top-notch makeup

Beyond avoiding makeup mistakes next Christmas, it’s worth remembering the importance of choosing quality products. A good formula in cosmetics influences both the finish of its application and its duration and skin care.

It’s also necessary to dedicate a little time to disinfect sponges, brushes, brushes, and other tools. Dermatologists suggest washing them at least every 7 to 10 days to prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria harmful to the skin.

Finally, remember the importance of using sunscreen, moisturizers, and other facial care products. Keeping your skin healthy is key for makeup to do its job and enhance the beauty of your complexion. Keep this in mind!

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