Microblading Your Eyebrows: Before and After

Microblading your eyebrows is a simple procedure and can last between 6 months and a whole year. Discover more about this pigmentation technique in this article!
Microblading Your Eyebrows: Before and After

Last update: 09 October, 2022

Nowadays, we’ve been discovering more and more aesthetic techniques to beautify the face and to touch-up the areas we’d like to correct or improve. With this in mind, microblading your eyebrows has become popular. This method is based on the micropigmentation of the eyebrows to achieve the desired shape.

Until recently, it was quite complicated to achieve beautiful and natural eyebrows using hair removal and make-up. However, today we have this technique that promises more long-lasting results with a very natural finish.

Microblading your eyebrows to obtain the perfect shape

Well-defined eyebrows can greatly change the features of your face. However, it’s not always easy to achieve the effect you want with makeup or hair removal alone. Also, the latter involves a daily effort when it comes to touching them up.

At the same time, many people suffer from the lack of hair on their eyebrows. This can be due to genetic issues, health problems, or because they’ve waxed too much when thin eyebrows were popular.

What does microblading your eyebrows involve?

The benefits of microblading.
Microblading is an innovative micropigmentation technique that allows you to give your eyebrows a more aesthetic shape.

The microblading technique has emerged in Asia as a micropigmentation method. The purpose is to correct or reconstruct the eyebrow–or part of it–when there’s a lack of hair.

Unlike other ancient make-up techniques, microblading involves drawing hair in a thorough, artistic, and natural way. Also, it involves very fine needles, which is why this technique produces such realistic results.

This type of pigmentation is only done on the epidermis and is followed by rapid healing. It’s semi-permanent and can last between 6 months and a year, depending on each person’s skin type, among other factors.

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What you need to know about microblading your eyebrows

  • Microblading is a technique that acts at a more superficial level than micropigmentation or tattooing.  The pigment is injected into the epidermis rather than the dermis.
  • Thanks to these characteristics, it’s not a painful technique. However, in many cases, the professional may use products with soothing properties to avoid discomfort to the client.
  • The specialist draws the eyebrows according to the user’s request, the morphology of the face, and the natural color of the eyebrow and hair, looking for symmetry.
  • This technique also serves to conceal scars and drooping eyelids.
  • Treatment usually takes less than an hour.
  • The professional must perform the technique with sterile and disposable material.
  • It’s important not to guide your decision based on price. You must ask people who’ve already had microblading and look into different specialists.

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Before microblading…

Before microblading, you need to be aware of the contraindications. You shouldn’t opt for this technique if you suffer from health problems such as:

In some cases, further complications may occur. However, they’re usually related to an incorrect application of the pigment.

For this reason–and also because it is a process involving needles–it’s essential to go to a good professional and an authorized center. A report from the Madrid Community Health Portal indicates just that.

Eyebrows after microblading

Eyebrows after microblading.
After microblading your eyebrows, it’s normal to experience some swelling in the area.

If you’ve already decided on microblading, it’s important to be aware of the subsequent recovery phase:

  • Just after finishing,  the entire area of the eyebrows will be a little swollen.
  • The first few days after the micropigmentation, you’ll observe a darker color than what the definitive result will be.
  • A small scab may appear on the skin that will temporarily hide the true color. However, it will fall off by itself and show the definitive pigmentation of the eyebrows.

Between 3 and 4 weeks later, your skin will have already healed and will recover completely. At that point, you’ll usually have another session to reinforce the color. The next appointment will be after a year, approximately.

Invest in your beauty

Now you know what microblading your eyebrows involves to achieve perfect eyebrows for a while. From now on, you can forget about tending to your eyebrows every day and simplify your daily beauty routine.

Let’s enjoy these great advances in the world of cosmetics!

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