13 Makeup and Hairstyle Tricks to Save Time in the Mornings

Sleeping with braids, mixing foundation with moisturizer and substituting some cosmetics are useful shortcuts to get ready on time. Here are some other tips to speed up your morning departures.
13 Makeup and Hairstyle Tricks to Save Time in the Mornings

Last update: 25 August, 2022

Surrendering to the mornings isn’t easy. As soon as the alarm goes off, the race for time to get ready and get ready to go out the door begins. But is there a way to speed up these routines? Yes, by putting makeup and hairstyle tricks into practice, you can save a few minutes in your daily grooming.

It’s not a matter of omitting any steps, but of summarizing them and guaranteeing a neat appearance. Women often appreciate the extra time they can spend on their skin and hair, so they can leave in time to take the kids to school, go to work, or run errands.

You may already have several cosmetic and styling shortcuts in place, but it’s worth adding the recommendations we’re about to present to you.

Why are makeup and hairstyle important every day?

Funcae Digital magazine notes that makeup is present in many women’s daily lives and is related to fashion factors, such as clothing and hairstyle. Although trends are constantly changing, the permanent thing is the continued interest in aesthetics.

Makeup and hairstyle tricks in the morning help you always to be well-groomed and project a good image. The Consorcio Institución Ferial de Madrid stresses that, just as you take care of the inside, you need to pay the same attention to the outside.

Putting on makeup and styling your hair will make you feel more attractive, boost your mood and confidence, and keep you prepared for any possible event.

The best makeup and hair styling tricks that save time in the morning

Even if you have to cut corners during the process, make sure you highlight your appearance and pamper yourself with the following recommendations.

1. Use makeup sponges

Makeup sponges, known as beauty blenders, are perfect for speeding up time. These tools adapt smoothly to the shape of the skin while providing a natural texture.

If you moisten the beauty blender, you can use it to spread foundation, concealer, or BB cream better. With them, you don’t lose product, and you avoid getting your hands dirty, which translates into fewer minutes spent before going out.

makeup and hairstyle tricks
A beauty blender sponge makes your morning steps easier because it can help you save both product and time. 

2. Use facial serum before showering

It is ideal to use serums or facial oils before getting in the shower, so you take advantage of them to fulfill their function. Once you get out of the shower, your skin is ready to receive a moisturizer.

You can also try flash ampoules. These skin revitalizers instantly beautify the face.

The skin absorbs these liquids quickly, contributing to a fatigue-free, glowing complexion. For the morning session, the pro-makeup single doses fade hyperpigmentation and hide fine lines.

3. Makeup and hairstyle tricks: Sleep with braids in your hair

Braiding your hair is a recommendation with ideal results if you start it the night before. To do this, you need to dry your hair, but not completely.

Leave it almost wet, braid it and sleep with it. In the morning, when you release the weave, you save time both combing your hair and showing off natural waves.

4. Roll your hair while styling

Frequent use of flat irons and blow dryers tends to damage hair. However, for those who like to vary their style without resorting to heat, it’s possible to make twisted buns in the front layer.

Roll up thick strands and leave them in for make-up and dressing. Just before going out, untangle them. You’ll notice how your hair gets some extra volume.

5. Put fake eye shadow on your eyes

Have you heard of fake eye shadow? The basis of this technique is to line just a thick line on your eyelids and then blend it out. The effect you get is that of smoky eyes, without having to use brushes and several shadows.

6. Makeup and hairstyle tricks: Use BB cream

BB creams are multipurpose balms because they correct imperfections, moisturize, and work as a makeup base. Thanks to these features, you avoid a few minutes in front of the mirror.

With these formulas, you don’t have to wait for the skin to absorb the moisturizer before applying foundation and unifying tones. The results are incredible. It won’t look like you excluded any products from your beauty routine.

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7. Replace lipstick with lip gloss

Lip gloss complements a simple, flawless look. It’s a cosmetic that doesn’t require as much precision to apply as lipstick would.

If you want to add a touch of color to your mouth, get a gloss with light pigmentation. These sticks are also sheer; they just add a certain shade. Plus, you can smear them on without even looking in the mirror!

8. Hold your hair with clips

Take wet locks and hold them behind your ears with bobby pins or clips. The idea is that you go through your cosmetics, get dressed, and eat breakfast, giving your hair a chance to dry. In the end, release and blow dry.

9. Wrap your hair at night

A suggestion of yesteryear is to wrap your hair with a handkerchief and go to sleep. Make sure it’s a silk cloth, as it minimizes friction. In addition, it will be easier to take out and you will need less time combing it.

10. Wash your hair with dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a simple and effective product. It consists of a spray or powder formula that absorbs hair oil and makes hair look freshly washed.

It’s important to clarify that this kind of shampoo doesn’t replace conventional hair grooming, but camouflages the dirt.

While you’re waiting for the effect, you can advance some grooming steps. Follow these steps:

  1. Spray the product on your hair.
  2. Wait the time indicated by the manufacturer.
  3. Massage gently, using your fingers.
  4. Brush to spread the substance.
makeup and hairstyle tricks: Dry shampoo
Dry shampoo is an option to speed up the process, although it’s not a substitute for conventional shampooing.

11. Dry your hair with a microfiber cloth

If you have a few minutes to wash your hair instead of shampooing it, don’t dry it with a cotton cloth when you get out of the shower. A microfiber towel is preferable, as it quickly soaks up moisture, and you decrease the airing time with the electric dryer.

12. Mix moisturizer with concealer

One of the tricks for quick makeup and styling in the morning is to combine concealer and moisturizer in a single pass. The fusion of both substances does not detract from their effectiveness. On the contrary, it readies the skin to assimilate the foundation better.

13. Dry only your bangs

If you have long hair and you wet it in the morning, make it a priority to dry the bangs . This way, you ensure that the front part is presentable. The rest of the hair can be air-dried.

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Always use quality products for makeup and hairstyle tricks

The goal of makeup and styling tricks is to save you time in the mornings without neglecting your personal image. However, it’s essential that you carry out the tips with quality products.

This means that you shouldn’t replace safe cosmetics with express trends that risk the health of your skin and hair. Also, don’t forget any important steps, such as applying sunscreen.

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