Weight Loss With Rice Milk

· May 25, 2015

Not only is rice milk easy to digest, nutritious, and cholesterol-reducing, but it also great for weight loss! Drink it in the morning and let it give you energy and help you burn fat all day long. Keep reading about the benefits of rice milk in this article.

Non-dairy milks are in. It’s not a temporary fad – these drinks are more easily digested and provide excellent nutrients, which is why they are a perfect addition to your daily diet. They are healthier and oftentimes contain less calories than normal milk, making it easier to control your weight. Rice milk is a great option if you want to start introducing non-dairy milk into your diet. Here’s why!

Properties of Rice Milk

  • Low in fat.  One cup has only 1.5 grams of fat, with no saturated fat. According to the Mayo Clinic, this small amount of fat helps us to absorb more vitamins.
  • This type of plant-based milk is beneficial for the immune system – it strengthens our immune system and it is ideal to drink a glass each day.
  • Rice milk is the easiest milk there is to digest. It provides a great deal of nutrients, which is why it is highly nutritious, especially when we’re ill and cannot eat as much. It’s also ideal for those who struggle with gastritis or stomach acid.
  • Great for reducing cholesterol.
  • Daily dose of Vitamin D

How can rice milk help you to lose weight?

rice 2

Rice milk helps to burn calories because it is a plant-based milk, low in saturated fats, and is easily digested. With all this going on, it provides energy and helps burn fat at the same time. It is best to start off your day with a glass of rice milk every morning. In addition to providing our bodies with essential vitamins, it also helps to eliminate cholesterol.

According to a study published by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vitamin D present in rice milk helps us lose weight little by little. According to the results of this study, this milk is rich in calcium and Vitamin D which helps reduce fats.

Also note rice milk does not contain as much protein as cow milk does. This is a significant example of why we should supplement our nutrition with dried fruits or nuts that provide protein. This is the only inconvenience that was found. You should drink one glass for breakfast and another at lunch time. It’s healthy, easily digested and helps burn fat. If you drink this with a diet low in fats, abundant in fruits and vegetables and get adequate exercise, you will have a better quality of life.

How do I make rice milk?

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Ingredients for 1 liter of rice milk

  • 1 cup brown or whole grain rice
  • 8 cups of water
  • 2 tablespoons sunflower oil
  • 4 tablespoons honey

How do I prepare it?

  • It’s very easy, we will start with boiling the water. When it reaches the boiling point, we will drop in the rice.
  • Reduce the heat and leave simmering, covered, for about 2 hours. It’s that simple. Once that’s done, we’ll turn the burner off and let it cool and drain the water.
  • Use an electric mixer to mix the rice water to get a smooth cream. Do it as long as possible so it is very fine. Now we’ll add the sunflower oil and honey, and continue mixing.
  • If preferred, you can also add a bit of cinnamon.
  • Store in glass jars or containers with an airtight lid. This will make it last longer, but with regular consumption it will be gone in 2-3 days. To get the best benefit, drink 2 glasses per day.