6 Ways Wheat Germ Oil Helps Your Hair

Despite the name, wheat germ oil doesn't leave your hair feeling greasy and it helps you to feed you hair with the nutrients it needs to look its best. Learn more about its many benefits in this article!
6 Ways Wheat Germ Oil Helps Your Hair

Last update: 09 October, 2022

Wheat germ oil is a vegetable-based product that comes from the small germ found in the inside of the wheat grain.

It’s characterized by its dark amber color and its smooth, nutty smell. Wheat germ oil has also been valued because of its high content of essential nutrients.

Wheat germ oil has several medicinal and cosmetic applications you might be surprised to know about.

Many companies have been using it in some of their skin and hair products. After  being absorbed, this susbtance has a hydrating effect and it can help repair and rejuvenate hair.

In addition, it’s a source of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and high-quality proteins. These help to prevent and treat several aesthetic problems.

Since many people interested in natural beauty product don’t know about it yet, we want to share 6 of its benefits for your hair health here.

Give it a try!

1. Wheat germ oil promotes healthy growth

Woman rinsing out wheat germ oil

Applying wheat germ oil to the roots of your hair is a great solution for controlling excessive hair loss and boosting hair growth.

This product holds a significant concentration of B-complex vitamins. These are necessary to stimulate cellular growth and tissue formation.

Its proteins strengthen your hair strands and follicles. This way, you prevent breakage, excessive dryness, and other changes that influence hair loss.

In addition, its essential fatty acids and its Vitamin E content regulate the production of oils in your scalp. Vitamin E is important when you want to keep your hair voluminous, shiny, and healthy.

2. It fights dryness

The healthy fats in wheat germ oil include oils like linoleic oil and palmitic acid. Your scalp easily absorbs these oils, where they help to hydrate dry hair.

Its antioxidants fight oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Plus, they also reduce pH imbalances that cause dryness.

Vitamins A, D, and E strengthen your hair strands. At the same time, they keep them shiny and moisturized.

3. It works as a natural conditioner

Wheat germ oil with a lock of hair

Because of its smooth texture and high concentration of essential nutrients, this kind of oil can be used to replace commercial hair conditioners.

It’s not just cheaper. It also gives your hair many more benefits than chemical conditioners do.

Its healthy fats help to keep your hair shiny. Plus, it untangles the knots damage your hair when you brush it.

4. It controls frizz

A small amount of wheat germ oil in your hair helps to reduce the unaesthetic electric effect that we know as frizz.

Thanks to its texture, it helps to hydrate and seal your hair strands. This keeps them from moving when they’re hit by the breeze or wind.

While this is an oily product, if used in small amounts, it doesn’t change your natural oil production. It also doesn’t leave you with greasy-feeling hair.

5. It protects your scalp

Apply wheat germ oil on your hair

The proteins, Vitamin E, and the essential fatty acids this product has are nutrients that are very essential for your scalp.

First of all, they regulate your natural pH levels. These compounds can also help with the removal of dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of your scalp.

Using it with massages stimulates circulation in this area. As a result, it encourages cellular oxygenation and the transportation of nutrients.

Plus, it has an interesting antibacterial and antifungal effect. This prevents and treats dandruff and other kinds of bacterial and fungal infections.

6. It can improve the appearance of split ends

Even though it isn’t always possible to control split ends, a good option is to hydrate them with wheat germ oil. That way, they will look better.

The linoleic acid, B-complex and E vitamins work together to repair the damage to your hair. They take out the annoying split ends that affect your hair’s appearance.

How do you use wheat germ oil on your hair?

Wheat germ oil in a pitcher

Wheat germ oil can be used by itself or as a part of a hair treatment.

Depending on what your hair needs, you can use a small amount on your scalp, on the tips, or all throughout your hair.

  • The best thing to do is to use it during a day when you have several free hours. That’s because the longer you wait before rinsing it out, the better.
  • Always use a moderate amount. Excessive amounts can be difficult to rinse out with a normal wash.
  • Use it two or three times per week, depending on the kind of treatment you want to give your hair.

Get this oil at your local health food or cosmetic store. Include it in your hair treatment routine and discover all of its benefits.

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