7 Types of Envious People

There's healthy envy, and then there's bad envy, but is there really a palpable difference when referring to envious people? Find out in this article!
7 Types of Envious People

Last update: 11 December, 2022

Envious people are those who have the desire to have or do what another person has achieved. This makes them feel bad, although sometimes this feeling can be harnessed into an impulse to achieve their own goals.

It’s important to stay away from this type of people since habitually jealous people tend to be toxic. The only thing they look for is to see how others fail, instead of supporting them and rejoicing in their successes.

Types of envious people

There are several types of envious people. First of all, though, it’s important to note that it’s normal for human beings to feel a little envious of other people on certain occasions. This is usually temporary and can be diverted into what is known as healthy envy.

Healthy envy is the positive way of longing for what the other person has. It’s a sensible and mature way of accepting that, although we don’t have what they have, we rejoice in their happiness and this serves as a driving force.

On the other hand, envy is considered negative when, in addition to desiring what the other person achieves, it aims to harm them in some way. This may be either by manipulating them, criticizing them, or using some other harmful mechanism to make others feel undeserving of their success.

According to this study conducted by Dr. Cecilio Paniagua, this could be due to behaviors experienced in childhood related to the feeling of inferiority and rivalry during their psychological development.

Within this type of negative envy, there are 7 types of envious people that it’s advisable to be able to identify. Surely some of them will sound familiar to you and you may even be able to put a face to them.

1. The sadistic-sarcastic

envious people
 Some envious people talk behind others’ backs and seek to undermine them this way.

This type of person seems to take everything with a lot of humor, but they give themselves away when they emit sarcastic smiles that are the prelude to a big bomb.

They try to camouflage the negative with the positive, so they may often say passive-aggressive phrases such as “thanks, but you could have asked me what my favorite drink was before bringing me one.

2. The direct bullet

This is the type of jealous person who doesn’t hesitate to throw their dart at you directly with an underhanded, sarcastic comment related to your physique, such as “What great legs you’ve got!They’re usually people who are insecure about themselves and their bodies, so they feel a need to make you feel bad and just as insecure as they are.

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3. The envious person who oozes negativity

This type of envious person keeps saying one negative word after another. For example, if you say that you’ve found a job, they will tell you that you will never get a permanent contract or that you will be fired at the slightest opportunity, for instance. In short, they always find a way to manage to depress you, especially when you’re full of happiness.

4. The sweet killer

The sweet killer is one of the most dangerous envious people. This person starts slowly, making a dent in your self-esteem with his or her comments until he or she ends up destroying you completely.

This person may, for instance, do subtle, intentional things to damage you or your reputation. These things may also be completely unexpected, making them all the more damaging.

5. The busybody

The busybody lives snooping where he or she shouldn’t – in everyone else’s life. At first, you may not perceive them as a busybody, but as someone who just wants to help out. However, with time, you will realize that the only thing this person is looking for is to meddle in your life.

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6. The egomaniac

The egomaniac always tries to outdo you through comparisons, especially in public. If your dog is big, hers will be bigger; if your room is bright, his will radiate brightness. They’re not satisfied with what they have and want to pretend otherwise. Of course, they’re very seductive, as well as often liars – a double-edged sword.

7. The one who lurks

She’s neither against you nor in your favor. This person is simply lurking in the back, observing all of your movements. In this way, when something bad happens to you, he or she says “See, I told you so!” They just wait, silently, to attack at the right moment.

Why are these people envious of me?

envious people
Envious people are not happy with their lives and instead of fixing this, they prefer to meddle in yours.

If you’ve identified any of the people mentioned above, you may wonder why someone might be envious of you. Why do they want to hurt you if you live your life without getting involved in other people’s business? The answer is simple: they are not happy with their lives and instead of fixing this, they prefer to meddle in yours.

It’s important to know how to stay away from these people and set boundaries with them, as they only bring headaches. You also can’t make them change their minds, because only they will have to realize at the right time that envy is not the way.

Envy is a toxic feeling, something that should be eradicated because it undermines, frustrates, and does not allow you to move forward. It’s also the comfort of those who do not know how to accept themselves as they are and project the damage they once suffered on others.

You’re stronger than envious people

Do not forget, under any circumstances, that you are stronger than this kind of person and their envy. Your best weapon is also your greatest weakness since envy really hurts only the one who suffers from it.

Thus, the only thing that an envious person should inspire in you is pity. They will suffer much more than you, since there will always be something they long for and envy. Don’t let them come into your life and eat away at you; you don’t have to be anyone’s punching bag.

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