Can You Tell if Someone's Lying to You?

Body language is essential for knowing when someone is lying to you. Your body will give you all the signals you need to know when it comes to whether or not you can trust a certain person.
Can You Tell if Someone's Lying to You?

Written by Paula Heidemeyer

Last update: 25 May, 2022

It’s very annoying to discover that someone’s lying to you. This is not only because lies can do a lot of damage. In addition, it’s also because there seems to be no way to detect them. However, many experts say that there are, in reality, methods and techniques with which to discover lies.

First of all, you must know about subtleties; that is, you have to be able to read and analyze body language. You may not know this, but a lot of what we communicate isn’t necessarily through words, but through the manner in which we express it. Thus, our body language is a lot more important than our words – as seductive as these may be.

Today, we want to tell you everything we know about how to recognize lies and liars. After all, body language is a language we should all learn to comprehend.

The Basis of Deception

Someone's lying to you.

First of all, it’s important to study the person you  suspect is lying. Focus on them and analyze them silently for at least a few minutes.

Pay special attention to how they behave when they’re relaxed. In addition, pay attention to their posture, to their expressions, and to their context.

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Your eyes aren’t the only part of your body that can give you a lot of vital information when someone’s lying. By the same token, their eyes can give you even more. The trick is that sometimes these signals are complicated to identify. In fact, many people can make us believe they’re being honest because they already know the tricks to cover body signals.

The natural, honest behavior that takes place during a conversation includes looking into your eyes for a few seconds, and then diverting the gaze for a couple of seconds, only to look back into your eyes again.

Be suspicious of those who look directly in your eyes and hold your gaze as they tell you something. Also, watch out for those who immediately diver their gaze when told something important.

Body Posture

Nervous behavior reveals itself in someone’s posture, as it’s not directed towards you. Furthermore, if someone you’re talking to has their feet or body pointing away from you, then that’s a sign. It usually means that the person is uncomfortable with you, isn’t paying attention to the conversation, and may even be dying to get out of it.

If this is the case, let them go.

Hands and Arms

If their arms and hands are within your sight it means that the person is ready for the conversation and is interested. However, if they hide their arms and hands behind them, it may be because they’re hiding something.

Pay attention to how they answer phone calls. Do they turn their back on you and slip away? Start distrusting them if this happens, for it’s the equivalent of someone giving you a fake smile.

Signs that Someone is Lying to You

lying to you

Overall, there are patterns and signs that are recurrent in people who lie frequently. We’ll tell you which ones so you can pay more attention to them. Consequently, the next time you talk to someone you’ll be more attentive and see for yourself if these theories are true:

  • First, a liar behaves abnormally.
  • Second, we can usually detect a lie when the person pauses often and takes longer to answer.
  • It also may be that the person lies when they ask to have questions repeated.
  • Contracting the lips may also be a sign.
  • When they evade the questions that have been asked, they may be preparing to lie. This is also the case if they avoid giving details about something you’re asking.
  • If they don’t cooperate and their attitude is negative, they may be lying.
  • Furthermore, if their pupils are dilated and their voice pitch is higher than usual, this is a very obvious sign.

Everyone Lies

lying to you

Finally, keep in mind that we all lie at some point or another, and it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re trying to be deceitful.

As much as everyone claims to want honesty, very few people can truly handle the truth without being personally offended and/or hurt. After all, what if your husband told you that those jeans do, in fact, make you look fat? Or, what if your wife told you that she couldn’t orgasm instead of faking it?

It’s not easy to be completely honest, nor is it always the best option.

Of course, some people lie more than others and many of them are definitely up to no good. It’s those you should be aware of.  A good liar hides it thanks to studied abilities. In reality, they play with the ambiguity of communication; manage to distort information, and hide details.

Either way, there are certain reasons why the human being lies. They:

  • Are afraid of the consequences.
  • Don’t want to take responsibility.
  • Don’t want to harm a loved one.
  • Want to avoid being embarrassed.
  • Have a desire to manipulate others.

As you can see, there are different kinds of lies and liars, just as we’re all different. Now that you know a little more about lies, stay tuned, and pay attention to the signals that we mentioned so you can catch a liar all by yourself.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.