Do You Stay in a Relationship Out of Guilt, Fear, or Pity?

· January 6, 2018
If you stay in a relationship because of pity, maybe you should decide if it is the best idea for both of you.  Perhaps it's better to end the relationship.

If you stay in a relationship with someone out of pity, guilt, or fear, now is the time to ask yourself why you are involving yourself in all of this.

You’re probably not feeling happy that your relationship is not based on love, when it should be that way.

Sometimes, we feel pity and it generates guilt. They go hand-in-hand.

We may feel guilty for many reasons.  The other person is very nice, and we love each other a lot.  Therefore, how can we end a relationship and do such tremendous damage?

Fear, on the other hand, is another story entirely. Here, you find situations of mistreatment and certain fears that you have to continue to be in the relationship.

For example, maybe you suffer from emotional dependency.

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If you continue with your partner because of pity or guilt, you will be doing yourself harm

Stay in a Relationship out of Pity

If you stay with your partner for pity or guilt but you want to end the relationship, be aware that you are doing much more damage by staying, even though it may not seem this way.

The other person doesn’t deserve to be with someone who is not being totally honest. You may not love him, but the pity and guilt prevent you from doing what you want to do.

As human beings, we have the great power of empathy. This can work in our favor or against it. When we want to leave our partner, it could be that his tears and sadness make us feel bad.

This is something that everyone wants to avoid. Although it’s natural, you really should not put off making a decision that will benefit both people.

Even though we believe that when we break up we always lose, many times we are actually gaining something, and our partner as well.

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Do you stay with your partner out of fear?

Do you stay with your partner for fear of what?

It’s very different if you stay in a relationship because of fear.

 What is the origin of this fear? Maybe you’ve shown your intention of breaking up and he has threatened you.  Are you afraid that he will harm you physically  Is this something that happens in your relationship?

In this situation the fear can be paralyzing. Nevertheless, it’s very important to get up the nerve to end this. 

In many countries, there are safe places for women to go to for help with this type of relationship. Remember: you have the ultimate decision.

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If the fear is for a different reason, it may be due to emotional dependency. You may be afraid that you will end up alone and you won’t find anyone else.

This is a problem that affects many people and professional help may be needed.  With help, you can discover how, in reality, you don’t need someone to be happy and you can end your relationship without being afraid of anything.

End it for your health

End it for your health

If you stay in a relationship out of pity, guilt, or fear, it’s important that you know that you have to break up for health’s sake. In fact, it can be healthy for your relationship.

These three feelings together not only foster problems with your partner; the relationship can also turn into something very toxic.

All of this happens because you’re avoiding ending it once and for all.

You have to be clear that it’s natural to feel pity, guilt or fear, but it’s your obligation to confront them. After all, they mean that you’re limiting your happiness and that of the other person.

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If you stay with your partner for pity, guilt or fear, think about how this doesn’t benefit either of you. You’ll see that in realty, you’re doing much more harm to both of you.