Why Do So Many Relationships End?

· April 15, 2017
Many relationships end because, after the beginning stages, it seems like the other person has changed. However, what's really changed is your way of seeing him or her.

Relationships are a very important part of our lives. Taking care of them and keeping them happy and healthy is essential. But many times, they come to an end.

For many, romantic relationships are the hardest ones of all. After all, we give our whole selves to the other person.

We give our all, and sometimes too much, until we end up empty.

We put all of our love, all of our dreams out onto the table… However, it still breaks.

Relationships end because of many different reasons that we’ll look at today.

We probably won’t talk about anything you don’t already know. However, we will address some mistakes that you may still be making.

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Expectations, dreams, and desires

This is definitely the number one cause of many breakups.

At the beginning, everything is new. You’re getting to know the person who has captivated your heart. You want to do things with her, get to know all the circles she moves about in, share what you like and learn what she likes…

As you get to know each other more, you start to imagine a future together where you share all your dreams. You might think of having kids or envision what your house together will be like.

But is there anything that bothers you about her?


That’s interesting…She seems perfect...but it won’t always be like that.

Over time, there will be certain things that will drive you crazy about your partner. However, they’re not new. They’ve been there since the day you met.

You may start to accuse her of not being who she was before. However, the other person hasn’t changed. Your way of seeing her has changed.

Ripping the blindfold off from the beginning of the relationship is vital to keep it from ending.

You can’t bother yourself to make the effort

Remember those little surprises? How much effort you took to please him, make him like you and make him happy? Now that you have him, what are you doing?

At the beginning of relationships, you love winning over the other person. You give them everything. But when you get what you want, all originality and effort goes out the window.

You get used to it. You relax when you finally have the person you wanted by your side. However, you should be wooing him every day.

Otherwise, you’ll fall into a boring rut.

This is another reason that relationships end: ruts, or a lack of effort to keep captivating his heart and making him keep falling in love with you.

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Don’t ever forget that love must be cultivated. When you stop watering it, it can live for awhile, but will eventually die.

Relationships don’t work if you’re lazy. If you give a lot at the beginning, you’ll have to keep it up if you don’t want a sad end.

Toxic relationships

If jealousy, manipulation, trying to change the other person, or dependency appear, you’re in a toxic relationship.

It’s not love anymore,but rather lies, coercion, and/or control.

Maybe this all surfaces because of misconceptions about relationships. You think loving is possessing, so you get jealous: you’re afraid of losing your property.

When it drives you to despair, you start trying to manipulate the other person so she does want you want, and you think it’s fair.

Without realizing it, you’re asking her to change. But you have to remember: you fell in love with a free, unique, authentic person, not a person who acts just like you want her to.

Most relationships end because you’re not able to be happy with the other person.

You can love without possessing, and this should be a beautiful thing, not a reason to be sad.

However, your preconceived notions about relationships follow you and every time you start a new one, expectations, fears, and the need to possess come up.

This is something for you to fix before you enter another toxic relationship.

These are some of the many reasons why relationships end.