7 Trendy Nail Techniques

Trendy nail techniques aim for a flawless and eye-catching manicure. Some options are oriented to discreet designs, while others are more flashy. Learn all about them here!
7 Trendy Nail Techniques

Last update: 30 March, 2023

The first impression of a person’s hands says a lot about them. That’s why manicures are so popular. In fact, there are many trendy nail techniques and styles that give a person’s look a dose of extra originality.

For some time now, the menu to beautify the nails has gone beyond the limits of the traditional “French;” thus, reinventing the decoration or incorporating designs with impressive finishes.

What to take into account to have trendy nails

Whatever the manicure you choose, it’s important to take into account basic aspects. The shape you want to give to your nails is also paramount; some women prefer to wear them extra long, others want them short because of comfort, functionality, and simplicity of maintenance.

For long models, round or almond-shaped tips are best, while semi-squared edges correspond to more discreet looks. Furthermore, colors range from natural tones to bold and even nude nails. Also, for the designs, geometry, rhinestones or simplicity depend on taste.

Thus, the beautification of the nails is personal. What makes the difference is the technique you use.

The top trendy nail techniques

The procedures to decorate nails are intended to provide an experience to the eye and touch, merging textures, reliefs, shine and an infinity of materials. Furthermore, the following are the techniques in trend.

1. Acrylic

This method is considered an extension of natural nails. Acrylic offers an imposing and risky look. The system involves filing the original base, adding acrylic powder and a little bit of special liquid.

The artificial nails are then molded with the paste, which must be smooth to assimilate the common or gel polish. The acrylic effect lasts up to 1 month and allows to play with nail art. These nails are resistant and also, the moldable particularity favors the choice of length.

2. Trendy nail techniques: Gel nails

Gel nails have 3 superimposed layers. The first layer is a base coat, the second is a polished color and the last one corresponds to a protection. Then, each coating is dried by an ultraviolet light lamp.

The gel looks more natural than the acrylic manicure, but prevents extreme length. Thus, the result is flexible, fresh and shiny.

They do not tend to chip as acrylic extensions can. Moreover, they dry fairly quickly and the process is free of harmful fumes.

Furthermore, they are nails that last 3 to 5 weeks, provided they are well applied. Otherwise they will peel off easily.

Uñas en gel.
Nail gels allow for a long lasting manicure.

3. Soft gel

Soft gel nails are a variation of the press on nails. The technique is fast and comfortable; the basis is to adhere gel tips. Also, the glue is a permanent base coat cured with LED light.

The finish is light, flexible and somewhat thick. Moreover, the length with soft gel is adaptable and lasts up to 4 weeks, determined by the growth of the natural nails.

4. Poly gel

The creation of this manicure system combines the novelty of gel and acrylic nails. It consists of putting acrylic powder on a gel base, opening the possibility of molding the work. They also dry with LED or ultraviolet light and are not so rigid.

These are comfortable nails, whose arrangement is extended for at least 2 weeks. Then, to remove it, the polish is buffed off. If there is still residue after filing, then you soak the nail in a little acetone.

5. Jelly nails

Transparent colors are the goal of jelly nails. To achieve this, mix any shade with clear lacquer, an ingredient that provides the crystalline effect. The technique is executed on false nails that protrude to the real one.

6. Trendy nail techniques: Nail art

Exaggeratedly long or minimalist, the “nail art” comprises all the ideas that cross your mind. Nail art has multiple characteristics:

  • Glitter.
  • Rhinestones.
  • Stamped.
  • Triangular edges.
  • Drawings with visual play.
  • Neon, nude, matte or combined colors.

The magic is in charge of whoever performs the manicure. His or her skills lend originality to the work.

Nail art.
Nail art knows no limits. Imagination arranges the colors and designs.

7. Semi-permanent nail polish

Nails painted with semi-permanent nail polish stand out for their impeccability and naturalness. It is an elegant technique and ideal to wear in formal environments.

The system is not hard. You only need to file to give the shape you like and apply several layers of transparent or nude enamel.

Also, the secret is that the paints are gel-based and set with a lamp. The fix lasts at least a couple of weeks and you remove it with nail polish remover.

Precautions during the execution of nail techniques in trend

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) urges checking the labels of manicure cosmetics to know the composition and prevent allergic reactions.

For its part, the Mayo Clinic also recommends going only to beauty salons with current license and certified technicians. Furthermore, the institution suggests paying attention during the procedure, to avoid mistreatment of cuticles and that all instruments are clean.

Nail care after the application of trendy nail techniques

For the maintenance of manicure techniques, it is also important to clean the nails. Also, never forget to dry your hands, because you could suffer from onychomycosis. Do not press or bite your nails either. When the time comes to remove them, let an expert do it.

As for the general care of the nails, they require substances that promote their protection and nutrition. Apply moisturizing creams, serums or hardening oils and include in your diet foods such as green vegetables, almonds and red fruits, as they are beneficial for nail health.

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