How to Stimulate Your Partner’s Nipples

· March 4, 2018
When it comes to stimulating your partner’s nipples, communication is key, since you should always have mutual consent when it comes to intimacy

Correct stimulation of the nipples can be a really pleasant experience. After all, it’s an ultra-sensitive area that contains many nerve endings which can help easily achieve an orgasm.

Although the level of excitation can vary with age, hormones, or the size and shape of their breasts, it’s almost guaranteed to unleash multiple sensations if they’re treated right.

The mistake that many people make is that they don’t appreciate their sensitivity, treat them roughly, bite them, and otherwise cause pain.

Of course, preferences vary from person to person, but in general it’s best to treat them delicately, slowly, and with different techniques.

Do you know the correct way to stimulate them? Since there can be many doubts when it comes to this, in this article we’ll share some basic tips.

Soft caresses


So that you don’t give them a painful experience when you touch your partner’s nipples, the best is to start off with soft caresses with no squeezing or biting.

A light stroke or movement with your fingers, tongue, or a soft object, will give them pleasant sensations which gradually build their level of excitement.

Kisses and movements with your tongue

The tongue becomes the main player in foreplay. Its texture and energy can help release strong sensations which heighten the sense of pleasure.

If you make the most of it in such a sensitive area like the nipples, it builds excitement, which in turn encourages lubrication of a woman’s intimate area.

  • Delicate movements in a circular motion up and down work perfectly.
  • The important thing is to avoid roughly sucking or licking which, far from being pleasant, can be uncomfortable or painful.


stimulation of the nipples

To begin stimulating the nipples, it’s recommended that you start soft, regardless of what motion or part of the body you use.

As things get hotter, you can try different speeds, as much with the movement of your fingers as with your tongue.


There are many ways to massage their breasts and nipples during sex. It all depends on the moment, and more importantly, on your partner’s preferences.

It should be done lightly and delicately almost always. However, as things get more exciting, it can be done with more force, without becoming too rough.

  • To begin with, you can massage the nipple with the tips of your fingers.
  • Then, using circular motions, you can extend out to the full contour of the breasts.
  • The use of lubricants, creams, or oils can help make the experience even more enjoyable.

A light pinch

At this point, it all depends on tastes. It’s important to “experiment” and, above all, have good communication with your partner so that the experience is pleasurable and not painful.

Pinching or gently twisting of the nipple can be very pleasurable once you’ve reached a certain level excitement during foreplay.

  • If she agrees to it, you can try a light twist with the fingers or a gentle bite.
  • The intensity can be increased if she agrees to it, or if when you do it she appears comfortable with it.

Massage with the genitals

Massaging nipples with the genitals is a little more daring that what we’ve previously mentioned, but many couples do it and it’s very effective.

Contact between the tip of the penis and the nipples can make both people tremble in an indescribable way. Many men also manage to achieve an orgasm just by playing like this.


Trying out different temperatures can be useful for the stimulation of the nipples and for coming out of your normal sexual routine.

This technique can produce intense sensations which can help a woman reach a climax.

  • One simple method consists in carefully sliding a small ice cube over the nipples. This can be done between two fingers, or even better, with the mouth.
  • You can also try out warm oils, or any substance with a different temperature.
  • The important thing is to be careful, particularly with hot substances, as you obviously don’t want to sustain an injury.

Are you excited to try all this out? If you didn’t already know these tricks, try them out the next time you’re being intimate with your partner.