7 Sex Games to Try Out With Your Partner

Sex games and foreplay allow you to spice up your sex life and explore uncharted territory in hand with our partner.
7 Sex Games to Try Out With Your Partner

Last update: 26 May, 2022

Sex games are the perfect tool to put an end to sexual monotony that often affects married life.

Although it’s inevitable to have certain habits when it comes to sex, innovating and seeking new incentives can help you have more enjoyable and fun experiences.

First of all, the most important thing is to improve communication with your significant other, since both of you must state your dissatisfactions and preferences.

From there, both of you can manage to break the routine and get into interesting games that can help improve your sex life.

Do you dare to give them a try? Discover 7 interesting options that will excite your partner.

The Prisoner

prisoner sex game

Are you dominant or submissive in bed? It doesn’t matter here, because you can take turns in these games.

It creates a very exciting situation in which one partner is at the mercy of the other, immobilized and defenseless.

How Does It Go?

  • The “dominant” uses handcuffs or a tie to immobilize their “slave”.
  • The prisoner will be subjected to what the other partner wants and will have to enjoy their “sentence” without complaining.
  • The other person can start exploring the prisoner’s body using their lips, hands, or a sex toy.

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The Blind Man

This is a classic sex game that will definitely arouse your partner. It’s an activity that stimulates the senses, especially since you focus on touching and feeling with your mouth and other elements due to the fact that you can’t see.

It goes perfectly with the previous sex game we listed, but you don’t necessarily have to subdue the other partner.

How Does It Go?

  • One of you must cover the other’s eyes with a dark blindfold.
  • After this, start stimulating each other.


There are many ways to play with temperature when having sex. They produce interesting sensations in the erogenous zones and often help reach orgasm.

It’s important to verify that the temperatures are suitable for the skin because the point is to enjoy yourself, not to cause injury or pain.

How Does It Go?

First, choose something that has a different temperature:

  • An ice cube
  • Hot oil
  • A cold mint
  • A hot drink

After choosing, the person places it in their mouth or applies it to the skin and starts stimulating with slow movements.

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Body Painting

Creative people may feel very excited with this foreplay idea: body painting.

It’s a very exciting practice that strengthens sentimental ties in a very special way.

How Does It Go?

  • Both partners get naked and body paint each other.
  • It’s not about creating masterpieces. The idea is to enjoy the feeling of the brush and paint on your bodies.
  • It’s important to use paint that’s suitable for the skin to prevent future rashes or allergic reactions.

Role Play

role play sex game

The advantage of RPGs is that the possibilities are endless. Besides the classic “dominant and submissive” games, there are versions with costumes, scripts, professions, and many other elements that create an interesting fantasy.

How Does It Go?

  • Each participant plays a role (for example boss and secretary).
  • If possible, both can play a totally different role to experience something more exciting.
  • The important thing is that both partners play their characters perfectly, creating a story with behaviors and hot dialogues.

Naked Twister

Why not take advantage of this classic children’s game to bust out of a boring sex routine? The postures adopted can be very exciting for both of you.

How Does It Go?

  • Place your feet and hands on the mat with the colors, as is done in the usual game.
  • The difference is that being naked makes everything more erotic.

    Strip Poker

strip poker

Strip poker is one of the most popular games to heighten the sexual atmosphere. It’s a way to excite your significant other while enjoying prolonged eroticism before having intercourse.

How Does It Go?

  • You play poker, but don’t bet any money. Instead, when one of you loses, you must remove clothing until both of you end up completely naked.

Did you like any of these sex games? Share them with your partner and encourage them to try them out to finally break out of your boring sex routine.

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