5 Fun Places You Should Have Sex

When it comes to having sex, the place you’re in can play a very important role when you want to complement the situation.
5 Fun Places You Should Have Sex
Isbelia Esther Farías López

Written and verified by the philosopher Isbelia Esther Farías López.

Last update: 26 May, 2022

Regardless of how often or the number of times you’ve done it, there is always an insatiable desire to keep having sex…and to do so in some new, fun locations.

The goal is finding new places to give a touch of sensuality and fantasy. This is always an important plus.

It could be having sex in your car with your partner, or on the beach, or in a boat… However, the really sexy thing is the creativity that gives consensual and safe pleasure.

Locations are a special way of spicing up your enjoyment of this special person’s company.

Your bed isn’t everything when it comes to a sexual relationship. There are other ideal places. The best ones unite three elements: adrenaline, surprise, and spontaneity.

So why not experiment with new area that offer greater sensations when you do it?

Today, we want to give you the 5 best places to have sex and to keep this “flame” completely lit. Free up your imagination, desire, and passion.

Places you should have sex

1. Think about the pool

having sex

Having sex in a pool can be one of the most erotic things in a couple’s life. This is a playful and surprising event that can be unforgettable.

There is more lubrication, and the friction in the water can increase the speed of having an orgasm.

  • However, this act is for stable couples that can have unprotected sex. This is because water and condoms don’t mix.
  • The situation can get chaotic and the condom can come off.

2. Be bold: do it in a fitting room

Be bold in mixed fitting rooms. These are barely divided by a small door, and they’re perfect for having sex while other men and women are trying on clothes.

Here, there are several elements: mirrors, space, seats, light, and danger.

You need to keep in mind that only one pair of feet should be visible. You also need to be cautious enough and only choose positions that don’t make you obvious.

Leave one at a time. Then, you can buy new clothes with a satisfied look.

3. The good and trusty car

The good and trusty car

Cars are often our favorite means of transportation for almost all aspects of life. Why wouldn’t a car be good for a good sexual relationship too?

This is a fantasy that many people have. Nobody stops to see what’s happening in a car. Besides being romantic, it can also be different.

For the more shy, don’t give voyeurs a chance. Instead, wait until night and look for a dark street.

4. In the bathroom of a bar

Going out with your favorite person can lead you to a bar. You’re there with her and you simply feel that it’s the moment to turn up the heat and give them unprecedented passion.

You see the bathrooms, and then…The moment comes and the magic happens.

In the bathrooms of bars or clubs there’s a lot of music, chaos, and nobody knows who’s coming or going. They’re perfect places for having sex with the partner you have with you.

5. The sea

The sea, a place to relax and have sex!

Just by going to the beach you can imagine a paradise far away from the grind.

You just need to get a little stimulation to make things creative with your partner. Imagine if you added a sexual encounter to give you a perfect, fresh touch surrounded by simplicity.

There isn’t a more perfect place for the rhythm of sex than with the rhythm of the waves.

Choose a beach you like that doesn’t have many people. Then, when the tide isn’t very high, enjoy sex with your partner.

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