Sleeping Positions for You and Your Partner

When bedtime rolls around, whether you're alone or with your partner, it's important that you choose comfortable sleeping positions so that you postural health isn't affected.
Sleeping Positions for You and Your Partner

Written by Lorena González

Last update: 26 May, 2022

Sleeping with your partner is pleasant, comforting, and strengthens your relationship. However, you need to be sure to avoid positions that negatively affect your sleep and health.

You don’t need to give up on romance to be comfortable and get a good night’s rest. However, you do need to forget about the images you see in the movies. Want to know more about the subject? If that’s the case, keep reading. We’ll tell you all you want to know.

What are the best sleeping positions for you and your partner?

In order to sleep comfortably with your partner, you need to forget about the models you’ve seen in the movies. Look for authentic comfort, avoiding those intricate positions that can hurt you. Enough with complicated positions.

Take note of the sleeping positions that will allow you and your partner to rest comfortably. What’s more, we’ll provide you will some advice so you can sleep well and enjoy your partner’s company even while sleeping.

1. Side by side

Partners sleeping side-by-side.

If you two like to sleep side by side, try sleeping back to back. This will prevent your body from going numb, and you won’t fall into any uncomfortable positions. This is definitely a good option for the both of you to get a good rest.

If one of you likes to sleep on your side, and the other on their back, then it’s best if the person that sleeps on his/her side, rotates a bit onto their back. Then, the other person can get perfectly comfortable laying on their back, with their arms stretched out.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best sleeping positions for your and your partner. But it’s not the only one! Let’s see more.

2. Hugging

A lot of couples like this posture, although it’s not always the most comfortable to maintain all night long.  The problems come into play when one person likes it and the other doesn’t, especially during the summer.

If that’s your case, then you could compromise with one person sleeping practically on their belly, placing a pillow under their abdomen; this prevents placing any pressure on their back. The other person can then sleep on their side, sweeping their arm over the other.  This creates a gentle hug.

3. On your back

A couple sleeping on their backs.

This posture is perfect for getting the proper rest. Neither one puts inappropriate pressure on the other person’s body.  If both of you are used to sleeping in this position, then just reach out and grab each other’s hands.

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4. Spooning, another one of the best sleeping positions for couples

This is another one of the most common positions when it comes to couples sleeping.  Spooning is preferred, in fact, by most. But is it healthy? The answer might appear to be yes, as it helps eliminate pressure on the spine

The best option for enjoying this posture is to do so on your side, bending your knees and placing a pillow between your legs.  This will help both of you get true quality sleep

Avoid unstable sleeping positions

Avoid intricate positions, like where your head rests on their arm, or your legs on their arms, and any other positions that could cause pain if sustained for a long time.

Besides pain and discomfort, sleeping like this could also interrupt appropriate blood flow in certain areas because of the pressure you’re exerting. This is bad for your health and you’re probably both hurting yourselves, even if neither of you wants to admit it.

When sleeping with your partner, don’t force things if both of your are going to wake up tired and uncomfortable. Certain sleeping positions look sweet and romantic on TV, where partners hug one another or sleep on one another’s chests… But not only are these positions uncomfrotable, they’re also unhealthy.

This is not only bad for your health, but you’re probably doing damage to both of you, witho

ut either of you confessing it. What’s supposed to bring you closer ends up being a cause for resentment in the future.

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A good mattress: Your best ally to sleeping well

A comfortable mattress.

Good posture isn’t going to help you at all if you don’t have a good mattress. Think about a model that changes according to your needs, that’s not too hard, or soft, or too worn.

This also applies when it comes the time to choose a pillow, so pay attention to this as well.

Keep in mind that there are times to show your partner your love, and other times just to sleep. This needs to be reflected in whichever decision you make about the healthiest posture in which to sleep.

So, avoid choosing uncomfortable sleeping positions. As romantic as it may seem, your back probably won’t like it.

Find balance in positions that you both like, and most especially, that respect your personal space. Remember that when you’re sleeping, you should be resting, and there are lots of ways you can show your affection without having to compromise your health.

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