Sometimes Crying Is Not A Sign of Weakness

Venting and connecting with yourself doesn't mean you're weak, but rather that you know your limits and abilities. Sometimes crying is a sign of strength.

Sometimes we get tired, we reach the limits of our strengths, and we just let go.

Sometimes crying is not giving up, nor is it a sign of weakness.

Sometimes there’s nothing else to do but to give yourself that release just because you’re tired.  You’re tired of being strong.  Because life demands too much, and the people around you aren’t always aware of everything that you give for nothing.

Don’t carry the weight of the world on your back.  Carry only what is truly essential for you and never forget that your heart needs its own personal space as well.  And do this even when you don’t need to cry, because only the strongest of people allow themselves this.

You can’t be strong every day

It could be that you were educated with the idea that tears should be “swallowed.”  That life is tough and crying isn’t good for anything.  Over time this idea could cause very serious emotional problems.

  • Not crying sometimes implies that you’re not showing what you feel, and hiding behind false pretenses that you’re alright.
  • If you try to seem normal, hiding your feelings and problems, by the end of the day you’ll not only be hiding your emotions from the world, but you’ll also be hiding them from yourself.
  • Hidden emotions are problems left unfaced.  And a mismanaged problem is an emotion that ends up manifesting as a headache, migraines, fatigue, muscular tension, dizziness, digestive problems…

You can’t be strong everyday, just like no one can hide their discomfort or sadness their entire lives.  It is neither healthy nor hygienic.  You need to allow yourself moments of release when your tears act as authentic stress relievers, releasing nerves and emotions.

  • Sometimes crying heals.
  • Tears come as a release that make up the first step to change.  It means you are taking charge of your emotions and releasing them.
  • Calmness will come from crying.  You will feel more relaxed to see reality and to make decisions.
Sometimes I cry not because I'm weak, but because I'm tired of being strong 2

The need to be strong when life asks too much of us

No one other than yourself knows what it took to get where you are today.  No one knows what you’ve had to give up for others, for people you love.

And you’ve done it all with free will because it was what you wanted.  This is something you know, but there’s always a time when it seems like life, and even more so the people around you, don’t treat you with the same appreciation that you have shown.

You must be strong in a society where things aren’t easy with social or work life.  It’s not always easy to show your strength to your parents, siblings, or partner, who at times, may place themselves as a priority over you.

And the truth is there are simply some days when you just get tired of being strong, of carrying everything on your shoulders, and in those situations, sometimes crying is necessary.

It’s important to set boundaries so that life only demands what you can offer

No one can provide more than what they have.  It would be impossible to provide happiness and warmth to those you love if they don’t pay attention to you or return the same love, with the same affections.

The key to all this is balance.  In order to be strong and to deal with everything the day brings you, while also fulfilling these goals (and remembering the difficulties you’re faced with) it is important that you exercise these boundaries.

  • Being strong means, first and foremost, being happy with yourself.  Cultivate your personal growth, enjoy your alone time, your hobbies.  Love everyone that is beside you and most especially, love yourself.
  • The strongest people around are those that know how to love, while also loving themselves.  And no, this doesn’t mean you’re selfish.
  • Being strong also requires that you get rid of the weight that makes it hard to move forward.  These things hurt your well-being and cause you pain.  We all know that sometimes it hurts, but you absolutely must stop giving priority to the people that don’t care about you.
Sometimes I cry not because I'm weak, but because I'm tired of being strong 3

Being strong means allowing yourself to be “weak” every once in a while.  What does that mean?

  • You have the right to say you can’t do this or that, and let them pass you by so that you don’t take on any more responsibilities than you already have.
  • You have the right to say “no more,” that you need to rest.
  • You have the right to ask for respect, to demand love, affection, and recognition.  Those that need something from you must also understand that you need something from them.

And of course, you have the right to your moments of personal catharsis, to find moments of intimacy to take a walk and think about yourself, to cry, to listen to your thoughts, to deal with your emotions, to make decisions, and to move forward.

Because life is, at the end of the day, exactly that.  Walking your own path with as much interior balance and well-being as possible.

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