Learn to Let Go: Only You Know What You’ve Experienced

· April 22, 2016
You’ve been able to get through some of the most difficult times in your life on your own, which is why you shouldn’t burden yourself with problems that aren’t yours. Nor should you let your memories make you bitter.

Life is a long and complicated road along which you can assume that all things will come, they will change, and anything can happen.

But as courageous a woman as you may be, you are the only person who knows what you’ve had to get through to arrive at the point you are at today.

Maybe tomorrow won’t exactly be easy. Your family members have their good days and their bad ones; your partner doesn’t always recognize all the things that you do for them, and sometimes you just wake up thinking you can’t face another day…

And still, you open your eyes and look at the world, and you make it through. You’re stronger than you think – braver than anyone else can ever know.

All you need to do is believe a little more in yourself to be able to face everything that comes your way with confidence.

In today’s article we want you to think a little bit more about the following points. We’re sure that they’ll make you reflect on some things in your life…

Learn To Let Go

1. It’s not about who provides the greatest support, but about who is able to “let go”

Sometimes you might think that the strongest people are those who can “withstand” anything. Their work, their responsibility to the home, children, parents, in-laws…

Everyone has their needs and sometimes, you might try to satisfy theirs before your own.

No doubt, that can be a good thing. You should offer your love and support to the people who make up your social and emotional circles, but sometimes the balance isn’t maintained.

They might not recognize every one of your gestures or the kind things you do, the weight that taking on their issues adds to your own…

Learn what you need in a partner, according to your own personality.

  • Live according to your life experiences, your memories, and your worries. Don’t carry the burdens of others because you’ll find it limits your own progress.

If you have a family member that dominates your life, tying knots in your freedom and preventing you from following your own path, you need to set boundaries. “Learn to let go.”

  • Don’t bear the worries of others. Don’t let their selfishness, insecurities, suspicions, or unfounded criticisms get the better of you.

Don’t take on negative emotions or perspectives because eventually they will imprison you.

  • If you have a partner who violates your rights or stops you from being who you truly are, think about that. You’re putting yourself on “hold,” by being told what to do or forbidden from what you love. True strength lies in the person who is brave enough to leave the person who holds them back or hurts them.

If you have a friend who is putting their needs above yours, acting in their own interests and only coming to you when they need something, think about that too.

  • Don’t accumulate problems that aren’t your own, and avoid adding worries to your life instead of seeking more harmony.

The person who puts themselves before others is not selfish. Set aside what doesn’t make you happy. In your life there are some basic pillars that you should never let go: your self-esteem and the people you truly love.

There will be plenty of roadblocks in your life. Avoid overloading yourself because that weight will keep you from moving forward. Untie those “sinking stones.”

This is a list of Don’ts because there is one important Do for all the snags in life: “Learn to let go.”

2. Remember that in life, everything comes and goes.

Everyone has had things that they’ve wanted to arrive as quickly as possible: the love of your life, a trip, a job, a new house…

But don’t try to rush anything. Life moves to its own rhythm and you have to learn to be patient, going with the serene flow that will never leave you behind.

Nevertheless, time, while eventually bringing you nearer to all your dreams, will also bring you disappointments, sorrows, and losses.

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  • As a woman, throughout your life you’ve had to face many difficult times that only you fully understand, and perhaps only you even known about them.

We’re all made of much more than what we appear to be, we all hide our old memories and losses that still evoke an occasional sigh.

  • But everything must be overcome. This is because what truly matters is the “here and now,” the space you are in at this moment, what you want and need, without bearing additional weight and problems that don’t belong to you.
  • In this life, everything will come and everything will go, and remember: don’t be afraid of the passage of time. Learn to let go of the little things.
  • What should frighten you is the thought of a life unlived, years of feeling empty without the fullness of your experiences – including the suffering…because all these things make you grow.

Only you really know what you have been through and the sacrifices you’ve had to make in order to get where you are today. Be proud of who you are and everything you’ve accomplished.