Every Day I Become More Human, Less Perfect, and Happier

· May 16, 2016
Because happiness is made up of moments, it’s important that you learn to appreciate them, accepting and loving yourself just the way you are, with both your strengths and weaknesses

Learning to accept who you are is an adventure that can last a lifetime. When you reach the point that you’re happy with yourself, with what you have and what you’ve accomplished, you’ll find that inner balance which is so important.

There are people who spend most of their lives pretending to be someone they’re not. And that’s not all. Far from accepting who they are, they strive to change this or that, exhausting themselves in a long distance race to find the ideal that they have in mind. They almost never accept reality, what they truly are.

There aren’t very many women who will have the perfect body all their life – not even models. And it goes farther than that: some people, instead of a focus on a perfect body feel obsessed with the creation of a perfect life – a dream house, a perfect husband, perfect children.

Life isn’t perfect. In fact, absolute perfection doesn’t exist. Life is made up of moments, moments that can offer you the greatest happiness but where accepting yourself as you are is the first step you must take to reach it.

In today’s article we invite you to reflect on this with us.

Less perfect, but happier

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Those who know true beauty say that the most attractive characteristic is sometimes an imperfection. If you wonder why, the answer is simple: your little imperfections are what make you unique and different, and that’s part of your magic.

When you accept all of your self, your shortcomings and your beauty, you’ll find your inner balance. In turn, that will put you in balance with the world around you and everyone in it.

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  • The person who doesn’t accept who they are develops feelings of insecurity.
  • Insecurity creates dissatisfaction. Someone who is dissatisfied with themselves becomes frustrated or develops negative traits: jealousy, fear…
  • Having a perfect body doesn’t make anyone happy. In fact many people who have followed a strict diet, exercised daily, and even undergone plastic surgery find that they still don’t accept who they are.
  • It’s also important to note that sometimes the need for “self perfection” is ingrained in us from childhood. Having a very strict mother or a father who’s too severe can wind up breeding insecurities, to the point that you believe perfection is the only path to success.

It’s important that everyone arrive at a moment in their lives when, finally, they accept that they are who they are. This should happen sometime in the late teenage years or early 20s, when you’ve finally matured.

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From that point on, you’re in for the great adventures of your life. Only the most self-aware and emotionally mature people are able to move forward with integrity, open to all that life can offer them, because they in turn have much to give to life itself.

Every day you’re more human and more receptive to the things around you

What does it mean to be more human? Obviously we are all people – born as infants, growing and learning from our surroundings. But if there’s one aspect that has made us human and apart from the rest of the animal kingdom it’s our ability to experience emotions, love…

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  • To be human is to be more sensitive to the realities of everyday life.
  • It’s to be able to listen to yourself and understand your needs, intuitively knowing how to strengthen bonds with others and show empathy…
  • We are all human, but only some of us act with true emotional intelligence, respect, communicating with integrity, and promoting a positive environment where everyone around us wins and no one is the loser.

To reach this important stage where you connect with those around you, first you have to accept yourself.

  • Acceptance doesn’t just mean being happy with your body or physical appearance.
  • Acceptance means you acknowledge your past – not only your successes, but also your mistakes.
  • It’s important to accept your failures while also learning from them. This is how you learn to accept each aspect of your life, your past and your present.
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Being happy and making mistakes aren’t mutually exclusive. And don’t assume that people who seem like they have a perfect life are all happy. Happiness is made up of moments that begin, first and foremost, from within.

Only people who are proud of who they are but also humble, respectful of others while striving for the happiness of those around them, manage to make this world a better place each day.

So always remember to be more human, less perfect, and happier.