Leg Strength with Simple Exercises!

These exercises will help you strengthen your legs. Do them regularly, and you'll see they'll give you amazing results!
Leg Strength with Simple Exercises!
Carlos Fabián Avila

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Last update: 30 May, 2022

If you build leg strength, you’ll surely be able to show off nice-looking legs. Beautiful and firm legs are something every woman wants to have. However, you should work this part of your body not just for aesthetic reasons.

Remember that your legs play a very important role in your health and the functioning of the rest of your body. Since they are the part of your body that tends to tire the most, you should exercise them in order to keep them fit.

Spending a lot of time sitting or standing tires and weakens your legs. Besides, it makes them not only lose muscle tone but also hurt in a way that can be very uncomfortable.

In general, those effects are due to excessive compression of your blood vessels and a lack of body movement, which in turn result in fluid retention, varicose veins, swelling and more.

The best way to avoid all these problems is to build leg strength. By exercising to strengthen your legs, you’ll also improve blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as eliminate toxins and excess fluids.

You can gain leg strength and reap all those additional health benefits with some special exercises that are very effective.

What Are the Benefits of Exercises to Gain Leg Strength?

By strengthening your legs, besides getting beautiful legs, you’ll make your lifestyle healthier. If you want more reasons for starting to do leg-strengthening exercises, here are their top benefits:

  • When you do exercises to strengthen your legs, you tone them at the same time. As a result, you’ll have better muscle shape in your calves, butt and back.
  • These types of exercises are very healthy because they activate blood circulation, thus improving venous and lymphatic return, which is key to eliminate toxins and fluids building up in your body.
  • They help you be in a good mood, prevent injuries, improve joint mobility, and in general, revitalize your entire body.
  • Besides, they reduce fatigue because your legs gain strength and agility.
  • They also increase self-esteem because having good results will make you feel well overall.

What Are the Best Exercises to Improve Leg Strength?

First, it’s very important to warm up and stretch to prevent injury. Stretching at the end of your workout is also recommended.

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squats for leg strength

These are one of the best exercises to strengthen your legs at home because, besides being very easy to do, they’re very effective.

  • First position: Stand up with your back and head straight and your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • ExerciseBreathe in, bend your knees slightly and move your hips downwards so that your butt moves toward your calves. You can let your arms hang or flex them out underneath your ears. Return to the initial position. Repeat the exercise several times.


This is another very effective easy-to-do-at-home exercise to improve leg strength.

  • First position: Stand with your legs together, your hands on your hips and your head and back straight.
  • Exercise: Step forward with one of your legs and bend both legs little by little until they are at a 90-degree angle. Hold this position for two or three seconds and return to the first position. Do the same thing with your other leg. Do several repetitions of this exercise.


A step platform is ideal for helping strength and tone your legs, but it’s not something commonly found at home. To replace it, you can use the stairs.

  • First positionStand with your head and back straight and put a leg on top of the step platform.
  • Exercise: Lift your entire body until the leg that’s on the step platform is completely straight and the one that was on the ground is in the air. Return to the initial position. Do the same with the other leg. Do several repetitions of this exercise.

Heel Raises

This exercise is very easy to do and is one of the best to include in your routine.

  • First position: Stand with your legs hip-width apart and your arms bent in front of your chest.
  • Exercise: Raise your heels alternately as if you were trying to touch your butt with them. Repeat this 30 times rhythmically and then rest.


bridge for leg strength

This is one of the best exercises for leg strength. It also helps increase and tone your butt.

  • First position: Lie down face up on a mat. Bend your knees and put your feet flat on the floor.
  • ExerciseRaise your pelvis until you form a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. Repeat several times.

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