5 Nutritious and Satisfying Drinks that Aren't Water

Are you bored with drinking plain water all the time? In addition to adding fresh lemon or cucumber to your water, here are some healthy drinks you can have as an alternative to water.
5 Nutritious and Satisfying Drinks that Aren't Water
Sofía Quintana Alonso

Written and verified by the physiotherapist Sofía Quintana Alonso.

Last update: 12 May, 2022

When we are trying to stay healthy, it is often difficult to choose the right beverage. We simply don’t know what to drink (other than water) when we’re thirsty since typical refreshments contain lots of calories and artificial flavoring. If you’re looking for healthy alternatives to water, here are four nutritious and satisfying drinks to include in your diet.

Today we are taking the opportunity to discover the most nutritious and satisfying drinks for any occasion. You will love them!

Nutritious and Satisfying Drinks

1. Fresh Orange Juice

Orange juice has a lot of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fiber. In a cup of this delicious and refreshing drink, there are 0.96g fiber, 1.68g protein, 175 mg of vitamin C, 18g of carbohydrates, 0.24g fat and only 79 calories.

2. Coffee with Milk

Cup of black coffee fresh nutritious and satisfying drinks

By drinking a cup of coffee, you are providing your body with a good amount sodium and you can also rest assured that you are drinking a very filling and low-calorie drink. Coffee can help suppress your appetite so you don’t overeat at meals.

Of course, you should drink coffee in moderation because it contains a lot of caffeine. If you prefer it with milk, then choose skim or low-fat if you’re on a diet.

3. Milk

Milk provides proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates. For this reason, milk is considered an excellent drink, capable of satisfying you and calming your appetite for a while. If you’re on a diet, then choose low-fat milk.

4. Smoothies

Raspberry smoothie with straw iced nutritious and satisfying drinks

Smoothies are a highly recommended beverage because they are delicious, help you feel full, and can be made an infinite number of different ways. Fruit smoothies can be any flavor you want and you can add any ingredient you’d like to make it even healthier, such as spirulina, maca, whey protein, etc.

As a result, smoothies are a great drink for those who want to stay in shape or slim down. Moreover, you can add vegetables to your fruit smoothie to make it more nutritious and lower in sugar.

Smoothies contain a lot of fiber and water, so they are very beneficial for proper digestion. Smoothies provide you with high amounts of vitamins A, C, and E, as well as minerals selenium, calcium, and zinc.

  • Strawberry and yogurt smoothie
  • Carrot and orange smoothie
  • Cucumber and pepper smoothie
  • Strawberry and banana smoothie

5. Herbal Infusions and Teas

You can also include in your diet beverages made from aromatic herbs. There is a wide variety of plants and mixing options, so the possibilities are endless. You can infuse herbs such as chamomile, lemongrass, basil, lemon verbena, mint, ginger, and many more.

These infusions can be prepared hot or cold and may be served with natural sweeteners such as stevia. You can even prepare it over ice or blended with ice like a slushie. Additionally, you can also prepare coffee this way or add some extra ice cubes to the blender to make your smoothie extra thick.

Beware of calorie, fat, and sugar content

Remember that for a healthy diet it is best to avoid sugary drinks, as they can be harmful to our organs and contribute to weight gain due to their high calorie count. However, remember that we need to consume calories and fat so you shouldn’t dismiss drinks just because of this.

Additionally, many dairy products have low-fat or non-fat versions but remember that fat helps you feel satisfied, so take the fat content with a grain of salt! Also, be aware that smoothies serve as a meal or snack replacement because they contain a significant amount of calories and whole foods.

Feel free to try all of these nutritious and satisfying drinks. Happy sipping!

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