The Best Foods to Quench Your Appetite

· April 13, 2018
If you want to lose weight, what you eat is essential. In this article we’ll tell you what foods you should eat to help you control your appetite

When you’re following a weight loss diet, it’s natural to feel the desire to eat certain foods that are full of calories (both sweet and salty). The same happens if you’re feeling anxious or depressed.

To avoid those situation, we want to recommend some foods that will help quench your appetite…and you can eat them whenever you want.

Sometimes you might think you’re hungry but in reality, it’s another feeling: boredom, anxiety, depression, etc. When the desire to eat anything you can comes over you, you might finish an entire bag of chips or a cake without even realizing it.

People who are dieting to lose weight might find it normal to have “peaks” of food cravings, especially if their main meals and snacks constitute fewer calories than their body actually needs.

If you’re looking for good results and want to make sure the effort you’re expending is worth it, we recommend the following foods to reduce your appetite. Keep in mind that these aren’t miraculous fixes for weight loss, but they can help.

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1-Greek yogurt

Quench Your Appetite
Unlike regular yogurt, this variety has been filtered to eliminate the liquids and is more creamy and filled with protein.

When you’re very hungry, just eat a serving of sugar-free Greek yogurt. It will give you 15 grams of high quality protein (regular yogurt only contains 7 grams).

This satisfies your appetite better than carbohydrates and fat, and best of all, it has fewer calories.


Just one or two cubes of cheese can satisfy your appetite. You can choose options with lower sodium or fat content. The important thing is that you get a good amount of protein to eliminate that vacant feeling in your stomach.

If you think you can’t go another second without eating and still make it to your next meal, a piece or two of cheese might cure you.

3-Black coffee

Black coffee
There are people who are for and against caffeine thanks to its effects, but regardless, drinking a cup of coffee a day isn’t bad for your health. You should be careful to stick to certain requirements: choose black coffee with no added sugar or cream.

Coffee can speed up your metabolism and suppress hunger cravings. The effects can continue for up to three hours after you drink it.



Another top recommended food for reducing your appetite is avocado, because it contains lots of nutrients like omega-9 fatty acids (good for your circulatory system and the heart, in particular). This will satisfy you more quickly than carbohydrates and even protein.

Its vegetable oils with high oleic content in avocado are converted into a compound known as pleylethanolamide, which reaches your nerve endings and sends your brain signals that you’re full.

In addition, this fruit is an excellent replacement for other condiments you would normally eat with sandwiches, salads, or meat.

5-Olive oil

Olive oil
This has a similar effect as avocado.

Extra virgin olive oil provides a large amount of essential nutrients that fight your cravings for food. If that weren’t enough, it completely changes the flavor of your meals.

You can enjoy some olives when you’re really hungry or season your salads with the oil. This will prevent that feeling that your stomach is empty, which is so common in some diets.

6-Vegetable broth

This is without a doubt one of the best foods for reducing your appetite, for several reasons. First of all, it is made of hot water that “fills” your stomach for a few hours. Second, it contains lots of different vegetables that provide some satisfying protein.

You can make vegetable broth with carrots, zucchini, celery, or chard, and enjoy it in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon. You can also process everything in the blender to get a meal that totally satisfies your hunger.

Enjoying a warm cup of vegetable broth can also reduce stress and anxiety, which often trigger overeating. It’s also a very comforting option for the winter months!

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7-Chili peppers

Chili peppers
If you enjoy eating spicy foods, you can take advantage of the properties of chili peppers, which help you lose weight and keep hunger at bay. Adding this ingredient to meals and snacks will reduce the amount of calories you eat throughout the day.

Chili peppers activate receptors in the mouth, which results in that burning sensation. This triggers a “fight or flight” response in the body that prevents you from overeating.

If you can’t handle spicy foods, just start by adding a few red pepper flakes to your pasta, pizza, or chicken.

8-Fruit smoothies

Having an apple or a pear in the middle of the workday is not the same as enjoying a rich smoothie made with different fruits. You can even add bananas once or twice a week. It’s very easy and you can choose whatever combination you want.

Don’t add sugar, but a little water will make the blend less thick. Try something different every day. Apples, pears, peaches, grapes, oranges – anything is allowed. These are especially refreshing in summer.