It’s Never Too Late to Realize that You Deserve Better

· June 26, 2016

When it comes to finding your own happiness and well-being, time does not exist. You can mess up a thousand times, but it’s never too late to start thinking of yourself.

It’s never too late to make a change.  The clock will always point to just the right time for the moment when your heart realizes that it deserves something better.

It’s common for people to regret not having realized sooner that their situation was intolerable.  They don’t understand how they could have waited so long to react.

It’s important to remember that the brain, especially the area related to emotions and affections, is generally reluctant to change.  You tell yourself that you’re going to “hold on a bit longer”, “things might get better”.

But if, over time, nothing changes and the sense of unhappiness stays the same, it’s time to tell yourself that “I deserve something better”.  You deserve, more than anything, to re-center yourself in your own peace.

Let’s take a look.

It’s never too late to be happy again

Let’s take a look for a moment at the word “late”.  It can be applied to meetings that start in an hour and, for different reasons, you get behind and you don’t arrive in time.

Late is when you forget to turn down the stove in time and the food burns.

These are two simple examples that explicitly show one essential thing: there’s not turning back.  Not matter what you do, your stew is overcooked, or you’re “tardy” to your meeting.

But when it comes to your life cycle, to the essential and basic end-point of human happiness, the word “late” does not exist, nor is it appropriate.  It’s always a good time to fight for your well-being.

So keep these things in mind.

drawing woman

The fear factor

  • Fear is a barrier that, oftentimes, prevents you from constructing your own happiness, or at least preventing you from reaching your dreams, forcing you outside of your comfort zone.
  • Something a lot of people do, and that aren’t entirely conscious of, if this: we camouflage our fear with resignation, with thoughts like “that’s just how it is, you just need to accept it; if I leave this I’ll probably just find something worse”.
  • People rationalize fear, making it a daily thing that controls you entirely because you have already resigned to it.
  • The person that gives up and stops fighting ends up trapped in a slow decline of unhappiness that could likely lead to secret depression.
  • You need to understand what fear truly is: an emotion that alerts you to danger.  Far from hiding it, or not paying attention to this natural human instinct, we need to understand it, process it, and then act accordingly.

You don’t need to “be afraid of fear”.  You need to know how to listen to it, because it is a clear indicator of your own unrest or internal unease.

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The best time is NOW

We already understand that you can’t use the word “late” for your own happiness or the endless search for well-being.  We also know that fear is actually an indicator that warns us that we are not well, that our situation is unsustainable.

So…why don’t we act on it?  The simple act of rationalizing our fears, of setting aside our limiting and insecure attitudes, will allow you to let down all your shields that prevent you from developing as a person.

  • It’s quite likely that at these times, you’re living a complicated life.  Problems with work, family, emotions, personal dissatisfaction…
  • Sometimes small changes bring great results.  That’s why, when faced with these difficulties, these vital obstacles that suffocate you and that rob you of your energy and optimism, you must find a solution.
  • In a lot of instances, the solution is movement: step over the line of fear, your comfort zone, your immobility and move beyond your thoughts like “that train has already left me behind”, or “It’s already too late for me”.

The best time for you is now.  Yesterday does not exist, and tomorrow still has not been written, so…why not try it?

woman with mountain on chest

The joy in taking the step

There is one thing you have to remember.  Fear will always accompany you, especially when you’re taking that first step, when you make the change, and when you leave certain things behind.

You don’t know how you’re going to find it, nor if what you’re going to do will work out or not.  Fear, therefore, will always be an inseparable partner.

But it’s an exciting fear, full of expectation because everything is new and because you have control, you own personal rudder.

The joy of taking that step is enriching and it’s never too late to experience it.

We all deserve the best at all times, at every moment of our lives.  Rather than expecting it to come from other people, it’s worth stepping up to be the creator of your own destiny.

Are you brave enough to?