5 Reasons Why Unhappy Couples Stay Together

Unhappy couples stay together despite the fact that they know that they are not in a healthy relationship. Find out why they can't breakup
5 Reasons Why Unhappy Couples Stay Together
Isbelia Esther Farías López

Written and verified by the philosopher Isbelia Esther Farías López.

Last update: 25 July, 2022

There is a high percentage of unhappy couples all over the world. The paradox is that almost all of these people can give their friends advice to break up when they share their relationship problems with them.

Almost all of us have this type of couple in our circle of friends. Nobody knows how they can stay together despite endless arguments and constant disrespect.

What do we consider an unhappy couple?

Arguments are the basis of your ‘communication’

Each word, each gesture or pose of one partner quickly leads to a fight. There comes a time when they only talk to start an argument or to place blame. This is a waste of energy for them and for those around them who keep wondering why they are still together.

It’s impossible to maintain a dialogue because they always focus on something their partner did wrong. It doesn’t matter if it’s in public or in private, they are just in the habit of communicating this way.

Lies and infidelity have taken over the relationship

One or both partners live behind a wall of lies. Even cheating is so common that everyone knows, but they still will not end the relationship.

Respect and trust seem to have no place in their relationship. They know that’s the case and, because of that, they suffer the consequences of it in silence.

unhappy couples
His projects are eternal frustrations

Generally, unhappy couples can’t meet their own goals or can’t agree on what they want in the future. Then, one of partner becomes resentful and this grudge will continue causing issues in the relationship.

You lose interest in your partner’s achievements because he is following his own path at a totally different pace and without consideration for what you want.

Everyone can point out unhappy couples that are still together, but today we will try to understand why they do it.

Unhappy couples stay together and the reasons are inside of them

1. Family mandate or ignorant pride

Many families encourage their children to marry for life . Implicitly, one must then tolerate everything that happens in their relationship so that they don’t ruin family name with a separation. You can’t go back on your decision once you have decided to be together.

Although it may seem dated, many unhappy couples are still together out of the fear of disappointing their families.

Others, on the other hand, feel that they have fought so hard to for their relationship that they can’t afford to break up. They know that their parents were right, that their partner wasn’t right for them, but their pride is more important than their happiness.

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