Sometimes Moving On Requires Starting Over

Many people are afraid to let go of their past and start over because they're comfortable in their routine, even though it's keeping them from being happy.

We make many decisions over the course of our lives, and some of them force us to start over.

There are wounds that need to be healed and only with courage and determination are we able to cut the links with our suffering in order to be happy again.

Starting over from scratch isn’t easy. Today on our site, we’ll show you a few basic strategies that you can use to deal with these complex personal issues.

When starting over means leaving it all behind

No one likes change, even less if the change is drastic and causes us to leave behind all that has defined us up until now. But sometimes starting over means facing other related challenges:

  • Finding new ways to be happy.
  • Starting over involves taking control of your own life: every decision we make will lead to one outcome or another, but we are always the architects of our own reality.
  • A new path in life should be met with enthusiasm and the ability to appreciate the present, “the here and now”.

If you’ve ever been through a difficult time in your life, then you understand the emotional complexity involved when facing adversity. All change, even personal reboots, occurs in stages.

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The moment when you realize you need to let go of something or someone

As we mentioned earlier, any change involves an act of courage that not everyone may have in them. For many, these types of states become chronic:

  • Waiting for things to change on their own.
  • Fear of failure prevents them from trying. They’re not confident in themselves as active agents of change, capable of taking on life.
  • Others see themselves as overly dependent on those around them, but they’re unable to imagine a way out of their situation. Despite their unhappiness, it’s all they know, so they never take the plunge to make any changes.

The moment you’re fully aware of the need to start over is an act of free will to be proud of.

Those who know that they deserve to be happy follow their own path, leaving behind that which is unhealthy and keeping them from growing.

Break away from your past the smart way

Can you break free from your past without pain? The answer is no. All change involves a certain amount of suffering, an inner break, which until recently, had been the focus of your hopes, dreams and plans.

  • To move forward, you need to do so without resentment or hatred. We all know that forgiveness isn’t easy, but it’s necessary to set yourself free.
  • If you let yourself become bitter over the things that have happened to you, the mistakes you’ve made, or the times you’ve been betrayed, the only thing you’ll accomplish is carrying the pain from your past over into your present.
  • Start your change without holding onto resentments or hating others, especially yourself. Hate and resentment will make you their prisoners and it’s just not worth it.

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Protect your future with new dreams

We should make one thing clear: you’ll experience more than one change during the course of your life. The changes may be small, like making new friends, finding a new job, or starting a diet. These are all common changes and they can be good for you.

However, there are times when what you really need to do is start over. Maybe your relationship isn’t going well or maybe you need to move to a new city or start a new career.

You won’t be the first to go through it, and you won’t be the last.

  • Starting over means closing the previous chapter. It doesn’t mean running from the past.
  • Communicating your decision will give you some relief, allowing you to close that chapter in your life in a healthy way.
  • Don’t be afraid of what others will think or how they will react. If you prefer, you can try to anticipate their reactions and come up with appropriate responses.

However, if you’re sure of your decision, the words of others don’t matter: you’ve already decided your fate and you’re starting over.

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Life isn’t a straight line without obstacles. Sometimes, change is necessary for your happiness and staying balanced.

Everyone plays an active role in their destiny and every decision counts. We must face life with self-esteem, determination and dreams.

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