Natural Juices to Treat and Prevent Anemia

· February 1, 2015

Anemia comes from an iron deficiency in the body.  Women frequently suffer from this, particularly during periods of abundant menstruation or due to poor dietary choices. In this article we are going to present you with a few natural juice that will help treat and prevent anemia.

Iron is vital for the body in order to synthesize red blood cells and hemoglobin.  They are what transports oxygen from the lungs to all the cells in the body, an indispensable function that, when suffering from anemia, creates a lot of the well-known symptoms such as fatigue, weak hair and nails, paleness, heart palpitations… So here are a few healthy and all natural juice recipes that can help treat and prevent anemia. Have a look!

Juices to treat and prevent anemia

Beet and carrot juice


Beets contain an excellent amount of iron that helps treat and prevent anemia.  Adding carrots to it helps facilitate iron absorption, along with brewer’s yeast, another excellent ally for iron deficiency.


  • One beet
  • 1 carrot
  • 2 tablespoons of brewer’s yeast
  • One glass of water


  • Start by washing and cutting the beet and carrot.  Blend them along with one glass of water.  Once they are well blended, add the brewer’s yeast.  Drink before breakfast.

Parsley juice

Green juice parsley infusion

The taste is a bit strong, but I assure you, this is an excellent remedy for treating anemia.  Parsley contains a lot of iron, and if combined with lemon juice, it will also help you absorb it better.  Drink this before your main meal.


  • 1 handful of parsley
  • 1 lemon
  • One glass of water


  • Always start by washing your ingredients well.  Then, cut the parsley into pieces, and place in a blender along with the glass of water.  Then squeeze the Lemon juice.  Once everything is ready, add it to the glass of parsley and water.  The taste is a bit strong, but try to drink it as a necessary medicine for treating your anemia.  Remember that the iron in parsley is much better absorbed in the intestines when accompanied by lemon juice.

Spinach, beet, and berry juice

Beet and spinach juice

This is a very nutritious juice that provides an incredible amount of iron.  Let’s include vegetables in it that also contain this indispensable mineral: spinach, berries, and beets.  This is a tasty juice that can be drank before dinner.  It is a perfect complement for your daily nutrition and will treat your anemia.  Take note:


  • 5 handfuls of berries
  • 3 small radishes
  • 1 beet
  • 2 handfuls of spinach
  • One glass of water
  • Half a tablespoon of brewer’s yeast


  • Wash all ingredients well.  Then add the berries, radishes, spinach, and beets cut into small pieces, to a blender.
  • Add the glass of water, and blend into a uniform mixture.  It will turn a characteristic beet color.  Once everything is juices, toss in the small brewer’s yeast pieces.  This is a perfect supplement for increasing the iron dosage.
  • Drink slowly.  You should always consume these juices when freshly prepared, so as to benefit from their nutrients and necessary iron, which is essential for treating anemia.
  • Do not forget to include whichever juice you like best into your diet, always on a daily basis.