My Partner Never Buys Me Gifts

April 17, 2019
While my friends get rings, flowers, and trips all the time, my partner never buys me gifts. What can I do to be happy in my relationship despite this?

Women usually talk to their girlfriends about their relationships and problems. They often give each other advice and compare their boyfriends or spouses with one another. During these times, a woman may confide to her friend that her partner never buys her gifts.

Not having a very thoughtful partner can lead to all sorts of insecurities. It can make you doubt if your partner is really in love with you or lead you to think that they lost interest in you.

What Does it Mean if My Partner Never Buys Me Gifts?

The first thing you should know is that people tend to not always be as attentive and thoughtful as their partners expect. This doesn’t necessarily improve as relationships progress.

Clearly, not all people are the same. While some are very thoughtful and take any chance they can get to surprise their partner, some don’t. However, this doesn’t mean that one is better than the other. They’re just different.

Although not getting a gift on Valentine’s Day can be hurtful, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your partner doesn’t love you or wants to break up with you. When in doubt, it’s always best to communicate with your partner.

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My Partner Never Buys Me Gifts… and I’d Love to Get Some

A couple shopping together.

Some people like to be wined and dined or receive nice gifts on special occasions. This is because they want to feel important to their partner.

If your partner isn’t really one to give gifts, don’t let this affect your self-esteem. Instead, talk to them about how you’re feeling. Perhaps things will change if you tell your partner what you like or what makes you happy. It’s very likely that s/he has no idea what’s going on and can reverse things immediately.

It’s important to speak from the heart, but without complaining or comparing. Nobody likes reproaches, let alone being compared to an ex.

My Partner Never Buys Me Gifts, but Is Always There for Me

A bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, or any other material object aren’t the only displays of affection that exist. Some people never go to a store to buy a gift. However, they do show you their love in other valuable ways.

Committing to you and walking hand-in-hand with you in front of everyone with a huge smile on their face shows more affection than paying for a trip. These types of things are often more important than any material object.

The best gift your partner can give you is being there for you in the hardest of times. A silent embrace, kind words, and active listening are incredible and powerful demonstrations of love. You should learn to appreciate these gestures before demanding material things.

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Things Have Changed Since the Beginning of Our Relationship

Some partners change over time, meaning they’re no longer as attentive as they were in the beginning.

Perhaps your partner used to plan dates in advance and surprise you on your birthdays, but now everything has changed. They’ve become colder and absent-minded and even seem disinterested at times.

One possibility is that they’ve become so comfortable in the relationship that they don’t feel the need to do more. If this is happening, you should talk to them and ask them to be more attentive. Tell them that their attentiveness was one of the things that attracted you the most about them.


A couple smiling and holding hands.

If you’re in a relationship, this means you have a special bond with your significant other. Thus, everything that happens in your relationship must be consistent with both of your priorities and desires. Other people’s relationships don’t have to affect or influence your own story.

The fact that others express their love with gifts doesn’t mean that your partner has to do the same. Every relationship is different, and imitating what other people do won’t necessarily lead to success.

In addition to discussing your expectations, both of you should lead by example. If you start giving your significant other gifts all the time, maybe your partner will get the message and start doing the same with you.