The Medicine Woman Inside of You

A medicine woman is someone who believes in herself and her potential. She uses her confidence to heal and grow as a person, without forgetting about her loved ones. Are you a medicine woman?
The Medicine Woman Inside of You
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 09 October, 2022

The concept of the “medicine woman” is a common subject in the field of anthropology and in the spirituality section of libraries. However, thinking about the concept and what it may imply can help your personal growth as a woman. It may be worth discovering, or rather, “re-discovering.”

The medicine woman you have inside of you is an entity full of stories and wisdom passed down over generations. This healing woman awakens sooner or later from the inside out to see things with more balance, intuition, and wisdom. She understands that the person that can help you the most…is you.

Today, we’d like to invite you to think about these interesting and helpful concepts.

The medicine woman as your personal healing channel

Medicine woman that heals her soul

Over the course of your personal history and as a global cultural legacy, the character of the medicine woman almost always connects with the idea of caring for elders and raising children. This may be because of women’s strong obligation to dedicate all of their energy and affection to others. Naturally, this leads many to forget to care for themselves.

You’ve seen it in your grandmothers and even in you mother perhaps. However, whether you believe it or not, in today’s modern and supposedly egalitarian world, these patterns are still being followed. Women are still putting their loved ones, their husbands, kids, and parents ahead of themselves. Naturally, this behavior eventually leads to self-resignation.

You know that care and affection come from love. However, the true problem comes when one loses connection to one’s own identity, needs, and self-esteem.

This shouldn’t happen. We need to see things from another perspective. The medicine woman should emerge in society as a wake up call. We need to realize that all these things we need, desire, or feel like we are missing can all be found inside of us.

You are your own means of healing. From the very moment you start to treat yourself with love and understand that everything you have, including loss, is a beautiful life lesson, you’ll learn to be much stronger.

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The medicine woman embraces her heritage

Women full of joy

The medicine woman is also the one who has healed her past in order to walk freely in the present. This can only happen by accepting your roots and forgiving what may have hurt you.

However, forgiving doesn’t mean condoning or accepting the bad behavior of people. It means, above all, letting go in order to move forward. It’s about forgiving so you can advance in life while maintaining a strong bond with yourself.

The medicine woman also maintains a strong bond with her feminine social circles: her mother, sisters, friends etc. This union allows her to better heal because there’s nothing as cathartic as sharing experiences, venting, helping each other, listening and offering advice.

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How to be a medicine woman

Medicine woman discovering herself

You don’t need to be a certain age to let your inner medicine woman out. You may reach the personal, psychological, and emotional maturity at any time, as long as you finally feel like the owner of your life.

It’s worth thinking about.

Self love and the medicine woman

You have every right to love your family, partner, children, and friends with all of your heart. However, every wise woman understands that none of these loves will be authentic if you don’t learn to love yourself first.

If you don’t love yourself enough, you’ll expect others to provide your oxygen and to fill holes in your heart. To be a medicine woman, you must understand that loving yourself is not a selfish act. It’s the foundation of mental health.

Goodness, strength, and faith in your intuition

The medicine woman doesn’t expect anything from anyone. She expects everything from herself because she knows she’s brave, worthy, and capable. She sees life from through love and respect. She gives her all to others but never forgets herself.

She has experience in her favor, wisdom and a resilience she’s inherited from her mother, her grandmother, and the women who she has witnessed fight everyday to turn their sadness into strength.

We can’t overlook her subtle balance between reason and intuition. She understands that life requires being receptive and observant by putting ego aside.

When it’s time to make a decision, the medicine woman listens to the voice of intuition, because that’s where her inner experience, wisdom, and power lie.

Does this sound like you or one of your loved ones? 

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