A Sister Is More Than a Friend, She’s Half Our Heart

January 2, 2019
Even though we go through periods where we're not in contact as often, the truth is a sister will always be there when we need them. We can count on them to always be there.

Sisters are more than friends. The bond we have with them goes beyond family.

They’re like an unshakeable pillar of daily support that we can always count on.

Despite having our differences, and childhood, adolescence that was filled with competition, arguments, sharing clothes and hiding jealousy, the years have taught us the importance of this bond in the end.

It’s often said that true family is chosen, without the need to share any genetics. It’s true, we all know it. However, many times the bond between sisters is stronger than any other type of relationship.

It’s an intimate biological and emotional connection that anyone who is lucky enough to have a sister knows is a true treasure to cherish in their lives.

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Sisters, the bond that transcends family

Maybe you’ve gone some time without talking to your sister. Life sometimes puts us in awkward situations where pride can play a big role.

However, despite the distance, anger, and wounded hearts, it’s really difficult for us to keep up the separation for long. At the end of the day, it’s our little sister, or our big sister, that gives us guidance in the best possible way.

A telephone call, a few laughs, shared memory and the connection that can never be broken is renewed, despite the distance and harsh words.

Let’s take a look at the special bond between sisters.


The same upbringing, but with very different personalities

It’s amazing how sometimes, despite having the same education, having lived through almost the same things, every sister ends up being very different from the other.

  • There are the rebellious and reactionary types that teach us to defend our personal space, our right to have a voice and to choose what is best for us.
  • Other sisters, on the contrary, are oceans of calm that give us comfort and shelter. With their support, we feel heard and understood when we’re having a bad day.

Siblings never share the same personality. Children are never copies of their parents. Siblings often have very different interests and their own distinct reactions to the same things.

This helps siblings grow, as they complement each other in many respects.

When words aren’t needed

You usually don’t have to tell a sister that something is wrong, a sister can tell just by looking at your face. The ties of emotion, blood, and experience lead her to intuit almost instantly that something is going on.

Their nearness and proximity give us comfort.

Although we all have friends, our partners and parents to rely on, a sister shares her stories and experiences, understands and knows just how to help us.

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Differences and distances don’t matter


It doesn’t matter if an entire ocean separates us, or that we’ve gone our own ways to form our own relationships.

A sister’s concern and interest will always be there. It’s natural and almost instinctive. Calls, messages… There will always be a way for them to offer their support with their continuous concern for the other half of their heart.

Nobody tells you the truth like a sister

Years may go by or be spent together, but you always know that your sister will tell you the truth, without sugar coating it.

  • A sister is never condescending, and she’s even less likely to try to soothe us with false generalizations. She knows that sincerity is a part of being family, and is, without a doubt, what you can always expect from her.
  • A sister will always be more than just a friend because you’ve been through so much together. The experiences of childhood, sometimes complicated, the setbacks in our youth when we had their support and the level of maturity that you’ve both reach are share personal triumphs that leave their mark.

Marks on the heart…

If there’s some distance between you and your sister right now because of a little unpleasantness, swallow your pride. It is not worth it.

Life is a lot simpler than we think, and the support of siblings is an exceptional gift that we should enjoy every day.

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