How to Stimulate a Woman’s Nipples the Right Way

October 23, 2018
One of the most important parts of learning how to stimulate a woman's nipples is maintaining good communication with your partner. This way, you know exactly what she likes and finds pleasurable.

The breasts and specifically a woman’s nipples are one of the main erogenous zones of her body.

Although for many years they weren’t considered important in sex, it’s now common knowledge that stimulating them can lead to a uniquely pleasureful experience.

There are dozens of nerve endings in this area of the female body.

Using the right technique to stimulate a woman’s nipples can lead a very arousing experience for both of you.

However, due to lack of knowledge about the subject, or perhaps because of a simple taboo, many people go down the wrong path and don’t take advantage of their potential for giving women orgasms.

The thing is that, although some think that they can bite and squeeze them as if they were made out of rubber, they actually need to be handled gently and according to a woman’s personal preferences.

That’s why we want to share this simple guide with you on how to stimulate a woman’s nipples.

What You Should Know Before Stimulating a Woman’s Nipples

As we’ve mentioned before, nipples have large amounts of nerve endings.

Their sensitivity can vary depending on the woman’s age, the size, and shape of her breasts, and her hormonal activity.

Despite this, however, most anyone can learn how to stimulate a woman’s nipples to generate an infinite number of pleasurable sensations during sex.

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First thing’s first though: it’s essential to understand that any manipulation they receive, independently of the technique, should be gentle.

Even though this is dependent on a woman’s preferences, as we mentioned above, brusque treatment is not advised.

Rather than pleasurable, this can instead make the experience painful and traumatic.

Stimulating a woman’s breasts causes high levels of arousal. In fact, it evens favors the lubrication of the vagina. That’s why touching, kissing and stroking them the right way helps many women reach intense orgasms.

How to Stimulate a Woman’s Nipples the Right Way

Unfortunately, there are a lot of women who haven’t experienced the pleasure of having their nipples properly stimulated.

That’s why the following advice isn’t just useful for men. It’s also a great tool for women to help their partners discover new techniques and sensations.

Start Gently

How to Stimulate a Woman's Nipples the Right Way

Gentle movements, with the fingers or tongue, are predominant among women’s preference. These small touches or movements trigger strong sensations which, little by little, increase her arousal.

Slow Circles

If you want to stimulate a woman’s nipples, circular movements are ideal for creating intense pleasure.

  • Start by touching the tip of the nipple with a slow spiral motion, and then continue around the rest of the area as if you were drawing circles.

Tongue and Lip Movements

Man learning how to stimulate a woman's nipples

For lots of women, oral stimulation is much more pleasurable. It all depends on the woman’s particular tastes.

However, it’s important to know how to do it, because mishandling a woman’s breasts can be painful and uncomfortable.

  • Start with a little warm breath. Put your mouth close to the nipple, without touching it, and exhale warm air onto it.
  • With the end of your tongue, make circular movements on the nipple.
  • Offer small upward and downward brushes over the nipple, but not for long.

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  • You can kiss and lick, but always delicately.
  • When your mouth comes more in contact with the nipple, you can suck, and even bite, but always very gently.
  • Primarily, you need to communicate well with your partner and find out what she likes. These movements may not be among the preferences of some women, and might even make them feel uncomfortable.


Massages are a great tool for stimulating a woman’s breasts to the maximum.

They can be done gently, and sometimes a little more strongly, either with or without oils and lubricants.

  • Put your thumb on the tip of the nipple and make circular movements on the areola.
  • If you use creams or lubricant products on the nipple, you can achieve more effective and pleasurable movements.
  • If you want to massage with the tongue, place your hands firmly on the breast so that they help make the nipple firmer.

Different Textures

Woman lying naked in bed

Sometimes, the typical techniques can get a bit boring and routine.

So if you’d like to try something a little different, you can try making use of some textures that can be very stimulating.

  • Try placing a silky or a slightly rough piece of fabric on top of the woman’s breast before licking her nipples. When you move the fabric over the nipples, it can cause quite the sensation.
  • Use a nipple massager (you can buy them in sex shops).
  • Use other sex toys that can benefit a woman’s nipples.

As you can see, stimulating a woman’s nipples isn’t very complex. You just need to practice, considering that it’s an area that requires delicate treatment.

Most of all, it’s essential to maintain good sexual communication with your partner to make sure she’s enjoying it just as much, or even more than you are.