4 Ways to Give Your Partner an Erotic Massage

An erotic massage can be an indispensable part of your intimate moments with your partner. Additionally, it's a very relaxing and pleasurable way to express your feelings and to connect with the person you love.
4 Ways to Give Your Partner an Erotic Massage

Last update: 27 May, 2022

Discover these 4 ways to give an erotic massage to your partner. Surprise them when they least expect it with a special setting, some aphrodisiac essential oils, or caressing their more erogenous zones. A massage is always a worthwhile detail and a perfect gift at any time of day.

4 ways to give your partner an erotic massage

It’s obvious that to make a unique and unrepeatable moment of intimacy with your partner, both of you should want it. Many times you get home tired from work and one person flops down in front of the television or computer and doesn’t think of their partner. Because of this, the most important thing is desire, will, and motivation.

You have to protect yourself from monotony and routine, and reinvent yourself every day so as not to lose your desire and to keep the fires burning with your partner. An impromptu massage can be the perfect tool to start an unforgettable night.

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1. A massage with a special setting

An erotic massage in a special setting.
Prepare the room to excite your partner through all of their senses.

Like in all spas and massage parlors, the environment where you get the massage should be well-chosen and prepared. Because of this, if you’re not an expert at giving massages, you can take advantage of the area to focus your partner’s attention on the perfect setting.
Proper lighting – warm and dim – will help to set the mood. Additionally, try to get the light to come from various places and always use warm tones that promote relaxation. A white light, like one you’d find in an office, will break the effect you’re looking for.

Flowers, especially roses, also give off an intimate, special, romantic feeling. The final touch is to put on music. Make a playlist of soft or instrumental music that sets the mood for your special moment.

2. A massage with aromatic oils

If you want a massage full of sensations, we recommend you try oils. Ideally you should mix a carrier oil (almond, coconut, argan, etc.) with some aphrodisiac essential oilsFor example, vanilla, cinnamon, ylang-ylang, jasmine, ginger, sandalwood, or patchouli.

Additionally, remember the following advice:

  • During the massage, make sure your bodies are in contact
  • We recommend, at the start, that you don’t put your cold hands on your partner’s back, nor pour the massage oil directly on their body. It’s better to spread it out at a temperature that doesn’t cause chills.
  • Likewise, your clothes should be comfortable, nothing that cuts off circulation
  • You should have some soft towels at hand all the time. This will help your erotic massage and keep you from having to leave for them, ruining the mood.
  • Take off any chains, hanging jewelry, or bracelets that could get in the way of the massage.

3. A slow, but intense massage

Erotic foot massage.
Slowly massage every part of their body, exciting all of their sensitive spots.

The intensity and speed of your massage is going to determine its success. For an erotic massage you should relax and take a slow rhythm without rushing. However, your style should change depending on your partner’s reactions, which will make each massage unique.

Additionally, remember the following:

  • Keep in mind that it’s not just an erotic moment, it’s also a massage, so you should be aware that you’re massaging muscles, nerves, and joints.
  • It’s better to use a comfortable and pleasant level of pressure that doesn’t cause any pain or muscle tension.

4. A personalized erotic massage

Finally, there are parts of the body that, due to the tension of the day, are very pleasurable when massaged. So you should learn which places your partner likes the most and create the best massage possible, and make it personalized. Pay attention to their breathing and linger on the places where you notice more sensitivity.

An erotic massage isn’t just touching the genital area. There are parts of the body like the head or feet that can provide a lot of sensual pleasure. Don’t forget that the most important thing is the attitude, enthusiasm, and care with which you cover every curve of the body of the person you love.


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