6 Body Parts You Should Massage

Massages are incredible for your body. Plus, if you do them in these parts of the body, they provide variety of benefits, and you can even perform them on yourself!
6 Body Parts You Should Massage
Elisa Morales Lupayante

Reviewed and approved by the pedagogue in physical education and nutritionist Elisa Morales Lupayante.

Last update: 09 October, 2022

When you think of a massage, you probably automatically imagine getting rid of knots and tension from the back and shoulders. But you can enjoy all the benefits of massages if you get them in the right area.

Do you want to know what these are? Then read on!

Improve your quality of life

Someone pouring essential massaging oils in their hands
You can eliminate daily stress, reduce back pain, rid yourself of anxiety, and even alleviate fluid retention…these are just some of the benefits of massages.

While it’s true that you need education and practice to massage another person, you can at least improve your own quality of life with certain movements.

To be able to perform an integrated massage, you need to be comfortable first.

This means that both your room and the bed or seat you use must be a pleasant place to be.

Also, make sure the temperature is right for the person who’ll receive the massage.

  • You can illuminate the space using candles (if the person you’ll massage isn’t allergic and doesn’t mind a stronger scent).
  • You could also opt for some incense or essential oils with a relaxing fragrance, like lavender.
  • And don’t forget ambient music! Choose songs without lyrics, of the instrumental variety for relaxation or meditation. You might want themes that emulate sounds of nature (rain, ocean waves, waterfalls, birds, etc.).

Special oils are also required. They’re easy to obtain because they’re sold in specialized stores.

Check whether the skin of the person receiving the massage is sensitive, or if you need to purchase a special type of oil. The mildest options are almond and jojoba oil (or you can even use baby oil).

Towels are essential, especially if they’re warm. Use a special heater to warm them up.

The most important thing is that they’re used to cover the person who’ll get massaged, and also to keep them comfortable if you have cold hands. At the end of the treatment, you’ll need them to remove any excess oil.

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Where should you massage (and where should you not)?

Aside from the fact that you might need a massage for medical reasons, it also never hurts to have a 30 or 45 minutes massage in a spa-like setting to remove the aches and pains of every day.

But do you know there are parts of the body that don’t get the attention they deserve, and that you can do yourself at home? Once you know what they are and work on them, you’ll never be the same. You’ll feel much more relaxed and happy!

Pay close attention to these six places where you should receive a massage:

1. The top of your head

More than half the people working today claim to be very tired when their shift ends.

A massage on the head (more specifically, the crown of the head) produces a pleasant sensation because it relaxes the muscles of your skull while activating your circulation.

2. The face

Woman getting a face massage
This not only helps you look younger because it tightens the skin, but it also helps you relax. If you’re very stressed or anxious, we recommend a facial massage.

It can also be useful to alleviate daily fatigue, worries, or tension.

3. The skull

We already mentioned that a massage to the crown of your head is beneficial to your health. However, it’s not the only place that you can massage to feel better.

In addition, if you remind yourself how stress buildup generates health problems and depression, it’s worth trying something to reduce it.

A massage between your forehead and crown is ideal for those whose jobs require a lot of concentration and planning.

It’s also perfect for those who are taking an exam or have jobs that require lots of concentration and time in front of a computer screen.

It will help release tension, eliminate your bad mood, and improve the quality of your sleep. It’s really spectacular!

4. The ear

Woman getting an ear massage
There’s nothing like an ear massage to produce that desired state of relaxation. Did you know that one of the main causes of stress is the noise heard every day in a big city?

Horns, shouts, and loud music provoke additional fatigue and anxiety problems.

Instead, silence calms the mind, helps you avoid negative thoughts, and reduces your brain’s energy expenditures. This makes it easier to sleep at night and focus on the good things.

This massage should be performed behind the ears, using circular movements and moving clockwise to the earlobe.

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5. The fingertips

People don’t typically massage their fingers unless they’re in pain. This is a huge mistake! While the fingertips are the toughest parts of your body, they’re also very sensitive and need attention and care.

They are filled with nerve endings that can be relaxed using pressure techniques. It’s ideal for people who spend their days typing.

6. The buttocks

This is one of the most neglected areas, as most massages stop at the thighs. Not only is it pleasurable, it can also help avoid the discomfort of sitting for long hours.

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