Good Fruits To Eat for a Flat Stomach

After a heavy meal it's a good idea to eat a little pineapple if you want to lose some weight. It helps the body eliminate toxins and avoid weight gain thanks to its high fiber and bromelain content.
Good Fruits To Eat for a Flat Stomach
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 27 May, 2022

We all want to have a flat stomach — not just for health reasons, but also for aesthetics. You feel better in your clothes, your have a better figure, and you have a healthier overall appearance. You might be surprised, but there are specific fruits to eat for a flat stomach. Doing this on its own isn’t enough, but it certainly can help. Learn more about it below!

How can fruits help you get a flat stomach?

First of all, there’s something nutritionists want everyone to know: it’s not possible to have a flat stomach 24 hours a day. At least, not every day. There are some foods that will make your belly swell a little, and digestive processes can occasionally cause a slightly bulging stomach. Don’t worry about that. If you control your diet you can eliminate some of that localized fat.

You already know you need to drink plenty of water and limit your intake of fat, refined flours, and salt… all those things cause fluid retention on top of weight gain.

But let’s move onto fruits. How do they help? Basically, they promote thermoregulatory activity in the body. That means they burn fats, promote healthy and regular bowel movements, and help the body eliminate toxins.

There are even fruits that can help your body get rid of lipids. Some fruits contain healthy fibers that can prevent  stomach inflammation, and can help you burn fat and lose weight thanks to their flavonoid content.  It really does pay off to trust fruit to improve your health and get a flatter stomach.

You can have fruits in natural juice form or sliced whole for breakfast, or even as a salad for lunch. They provide vitamins and minerals, and are natural resources for improving your daily well-being. Are you paying attention now? Good!

Fruits to eat for a flat stomach

1. The benefits of green apple

apples, one of the fruits to eat for a flat stomach

The Granny Smith variety is the most well known. You’ve probably also heard that scientists at the University of Washington showed that this rich green apple has great fat-fighting properties. It contains compounds that help cleanse the colon and the bowels, burn fats and toxins, and promote the growth of “good” bacteria.

According to their study, green apples provide us with vitamins and polyphenols, with very few carbohydrates. It’s a good idea to eat them twice a day — a go-to food on the road to getting a flatter stomach.

2. Energizing bananas, one of the best fruits to eat for a flat stomach

banana with fork in it
Rich in potassium, bananas help balance the body’s water content and counteract the intake of sodium.

Yep, even though a lot of people think that bananas pack on pounds, this isn’t actually true. It’s extremely healthy to have a banana every day, especially in the morning or at night.

They’re rich in potassium and help balance sodium levels in the body. All of this will fight fluid retention and make you feel lighter. Try having one today!

3. Papaya’s anti-inflammatory effects

person holding papaya

Are you passionate about papaya? Or do you not eat it at all? Well, it’s one of the best fruits to eat for a flat stomach, so you’d better keep it on your grocery list.

Along with having high levels of vitamin C, it also has incredible anti-inflammatory properties. It helps clean the intestines, eliminates toxins, balances the body in general, and improves digestion.

You can include it in your lunch with a salad, because it goes well with other fruits like strawberries and kiwi. It’s delicious and truly is one of the most amazing fruits to eat for a flat stomach. You’re not going to miss out on this one, are you?

4. Berries

glass of berry juice
They may not be the easiest fruits to find in the market and have on a daily basis, but if you have the chance to buy fresh blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, or strawberries, get them — your body will thank you and your tummy will flatten out.

The secret lies in their protective, curative effects they have for the digestive and intestinal systems. They help prevent infection and inflammation, improve digestion, and promote healthy intestinal flora. They also have a curative effect on the bladder and can help you lose weight by cleansing and protecting you from the inside.

5. The benefits of lemon

lemon slices
You know we love to talk about how great lemons are for you. We especially recommend having lemon juice while fasting, mixed with a glass of plain water.

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It’s a simple tonic that helps detox the body, cleansing your insides and eliminating toxins, burning fats, providing you with vitamin C, and strengthening your immune system…all wonderful properties that no one should miss out on.

6. Healthy pineapple

7 pineapple
This is the last on our list of fruits to eat for a flat stomach. Pineapples have high levels of bromelain. Do you know what this enzyme is good for? It helps absorb proteins, providing the body with high quantities of insoluble fiber that help eliminate toxins and promote intestinal health.

It’s a tasty fruit that you can eat whole or drink as a juice. Don’t resist this one — you can eat however much you want and you’ll never gain wait. It’s a natural wonder that anyone can benefit from. So what are you waiting for?

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