Eliminate Love Handles on the Back

· December 8, 2015
In addition to following a healthy diet and exercising, it's important to watch your posture to prevent the rolls of fat from forming on your back.

When the days get warmer, we start thinking about vacations and bathing suits. Perhaps we ate a bit more than usual during winter, and now we might want to lose some weight because those love handles aren’t all that attractive.

In this article, we’ll show you how to eliminate rolls of fat on your back that form as a result of poor posture and make us not want to wear a bikini.

Say goodbye to rolls of fat on your back

The back tends to accumulate fat, but we’re not usually motivated to do anything about it until we’re in an elevator or dressing room with mirrors on all sides and have a panic attack. The love handles that form on the sides of the spine, below the armpits, or underneath the bra are horrible, we can’t deny that.

If you have love handles on your back and you want to get ready for summer and the beach, there are some exercises you can do to reduce their appearance and look great.

Exercises to eliminate back fat

back exercise

These exercises don’t take more than 15 minutes a day to do and they’ll help you reach your goal sooner. If you’re not used to exercising, you can reduce the number of repetitions and supplement it with running.

  • Exercise 1 to strengthen the lower back: Lie down on your mat and stretch your arms forward, touching your ears with your shoulders. Without your hands touching the floor, arch your back backwards, leaving your legs firmly on the floor. Return to the starting position. That’s one repetition. Complete at least one set of 10 repetitions to start, then later do two sets of ten each.
  • Exercise 2 to eliminate love handles on the back: In the same position as the exercise above, place the palms of your hands behind your head and lift your torso as before. Return to the starting position. Do two sets of 15 repetitions each.
  • Exercise 3 to reduce fat on the lower back: With your hands behind your head, arch your back to your left side, then repeat with the right side. Do two sets of ten repetitions on each side.
  • Exercise 4 to say goodbye to love handles: Kneel and place the palms of your hands flat on your mat (doggy position) and relax the spine. Arch your back up like a cat and then down as if you’re trying to touch the floor with your stomach. Without straining your back, repeat 10 times.

Diet to eliminate love handles on the back


In addition to exercise, it’s good to have a diet to help you lose weight. Eating an excessive amount of fats is one of the reasons your back isn’t looking quite how you’d like it to. You’ll have to quit eating saturated fats for awhile. You should also eliminate these foods from your diet: red meats, sausages, dairy products, processed foods and white sugar (and those that contain it, like soft drinks). All these foods cause fat to accumulate on your body.

If you only exercise, it accomplishes nothing: you need to follow a proper diet. Diet is very important for your health, not just for staying slim. You’ll want to add natural fat-burning foods to your diet like:

  • Green tea
  • Grapefruit
  • Carrot and celery juice
  • tomato juice with aloe vera and lemon

For breakfast, try drinking one of the following to help you burn fat:

  • Cranberry juice
  • Fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • Horehound tea with lemon

Extra tips to eliminate love handles on the back

We’ve already covered diet and exercise. Are we forgetting something? You can always improve your results with a few natural tips and remedies, like these:



If you cannot reach your back to perform a massage yourself, don’t hesitate to book a session at an massage therapy institute or center. It will relax you and reduce accumulated fats and fluid, if you’re going for lymphatic drainage.

Clay masques

Once a week, apply a clay masque to your back and massage in smooth, circular motions. If you can’t reach, try using one of those bath sponges with a handle, for example. Clay is great for eliminating fat.

Watch your posture

If you hunch your back, it makes things look like they’re sagging and fat rolls are formed. When you straighten your back, you appear slimmer and sexier.

Go for a swim

Swimming is a total body workout that strengthens back muscles and prevents fat from accumulating.

Wear loose clothing

As you diet and exercise, it would be better to wear loose fitting clothing so as not to highlight your problem areas.