Exercises to Eliminate Back Fat

· July 22, 2015

When we lift weights we’re working our muscle tissues, boosting metabolism, and burning fat. But we don’t have to lift a ton of weight to see results. We can start with just a few pounds of resistance.

Most people want to remove fat from a specific area of the body, and we know that in order to achieve this, there are particular exercises that selectively firm, tone, and remove fat from these areas – especially the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, chest, or back. You probably even know someone who only focuses on their stomach or legs, forgetting that the back is a very important region to strengthen and tone, and can greatly change your the appearance of your overall physique.

Those annoying “bulges” of fat in the back area usually become a problem when wearing a sports bra, swimsuit, or a tight dress. This region is quite prone to accumulating fat and removing it requires a lot of commitment and discipline. If you’re interested in learning how to eliminate back fat, read on for some of the best exercises we know of.

Exercise routine to strengthen your back and burn localized fat

Position 1

2 back reach

Roll out a yoga mat and lie face down with your arms stretched forward (or backward above your head). Without lifting your feet, gently arch your back and then return to the starting position. Do two sets of this with ten repetitions each.

Position 2

Stay in the same position and this time place your hands on your neck. Raise your torso off the mat and return to the starting position. For this exercise, do two sets of fifteen repetitions each.

3 back stretch

Position 3

Do the same exercise as before, but this time instead of arching your back upwards, lean it to one side and then the other – as if you wanted to see what’s on your right and then the left. Always try to hold the rest of the body still.

Position 4

For the last exercise, get in the yoga pose known as the “cat.” Relax your back, then arch it upward as far as you can (as a cat would do). Then pull your belly to the floor as if you wanted to touch it to the ground. Repeat this up and down movement five times, and then rest.

Go swimming

You really target your back muscles when you go swimming. At the same time, this is a very relaxing activity. It’s a great way to get exercise, strengthen the back, and target excess fat in the region, all at the same time.

Weight training

Any good fat burning routine should include weight training. You can use dumbbells to target and build muscle mass, and your boosted metabolism will help you burn off more fat – even while you’re resting. All you need to do is start doing a little weight training every other day. There’s no need to lift very heavy weights, as just a few pounds will do the trick.

Do cardio training intervals

4 cardio

Cardiovascular exercise increases your heart rate, helping the body burn calories more easily. Interval training in your cardio routine will help you eliminate back fat. You can pick any exercise you like, such as running, jumping jacks, elliptical training, biking, or jumping rope.

Do crunches

Although we know that abdominal exercises like crunches target fat in the stomach region, they also help get rid of fat in the lower back. Exercise your whole abdomen, focusing on the obliques. You can also add side stretches and static stretching to your exercise routine.

Recommendations for best results

  • We know that getting rid of unwanted fat is a complicated goal that can only be achieved with great discipline and effort. Focusing on the back area will require a little more routine and reinforcement, as it’s a difficult area to target. But if you follow the exercises listed above, you’ll start to see results in no time.
  • Remember that in order to lose unwanted fat, it’s critical to have a balanced diet that’s free from excess fats, fried foods, sugars, and more. It’s always a good idea to add more healthy foods and drinks like fruits, vegetables, green tea, water, foods that are high in fiber and protein, etc.
  • It’s also a good idea to complement your exercises with a good back rub, pressing gently to gradually eliminate those pesky “love handles.”
  • And lastly, remember that good posture is important to keep this area of the body strong. You should always try to maintain an upright posture to prevent the back from sagging, causing fat to accumulate and forming those unsightly rolls.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on exercises to eliminate back fat!