Coastal Grandma Decoration: What Is This Trend All About?

The calmness that the "coastal grandma" style emits makes it one of the most followed fashions on social networks. It's elegant, refined, and relaxed. We show you how to get into the trend here!
Coastal Grandma Decoration: What Is This Trend All About?

Last update: 06 October, 2022

You don’t have to have a beach house to feel close to the sea. Coastal grandma decor and fashion allow you to adjust your home décor, dress up your outfits, and adopt a laid-back lifestyle.

The trend is followed by those who crave tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As Architectural Digest magazine points out, the stressful pace of modern life influences our moods and can even trigger anxiety. To counteract this, it’s a good idea to live in serene and relaxed spaces.

This is precisely what coastal grandma, a trend that enjoys profiles and tags with thousands of “likes” on social networks, is all about. We’ll explain it to you in this article!

What is the “coastal grandma” trend?

Another name to identify the style is coastal grandmother. It’s a name that very nearly explains itself!

However, the name doesn’t mean that this style is only for older or old-fashioned people. Instead, it’s cultured, social, and ideal for wellbeing, and it goes hand in hand with sustainability and a more relaxed lifestyle. It alludes to being carefree in front of the sea. However, since not everyone has a beach house, the coastal grandmother style even teaches how to adjust the aesthetics of our city homes to a laid-back summer environment.

There are those who understand the trend as a philosophy that returns to the life that existed before the pressures of cell phones, work meetings, and urban overwhelm. Thanks to the coastal grandma mode, you no longer have to fantasize about that reality!

Coastal grandma and peace
The sea coast has always been a sign of tranquility and relaxation. It’s the ideal space to slow down your busy life.

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Ideas to include coastal grandma decoration in your home

The coastal grandma style points towards vintage and natural pieces, a sense of spaciousness through large windows and translucent curtains, organic vegetable gardens, and neutral colors with a nod to light contrast. To bring the trend to your home décor, we offer the following recommendations.

Paint your home white

An article in the Journal of Experimental Psychology states that color characteristics, specifically saturation, brightness, and hue, are responsible for emotional reactions. White transfers purity, neatness, tranquility, and spaciousness.

It’s a good color for meditation. In this sense, white palettes are the best ones to harmonize coastal grandmother decorations.

In addition, the pigment combines with marine tones, such as blues and light greens. Others that match are as follows:

  • Beige
  • Ivory
  • Bone
  • Cream
  • Grayish whites

Make the most out of wood

In living and dining rooms, it’s best to have wood furniture and utensils predominate. This includes napkin rings, gravy boats, and seating. The suggestion corresponds to the attachment to nature while favoring organic and elegant pieces.

Use natural fabrics

The applications of natural fibers are varied. The National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity points out that this kind of weaving responds to the awareness of the consumer, the environment, the economy, and culture.

To such precepts is added the coastal grandmother decoration, proposing elements such as the following:

  • Linen tablecloths
  • Raffia rugs
  • Wooden screens
  • Cotton bed linen
  • Objects made of wicker, jute, and other natural fibers

Use vintage glassware

The more antique, the more sophisticated your grandma decor. Make sure the glassware in the house is vintage and displays floral details.

The key is that there’s a reference to the past and that the pieces evoke nostalgia. Vases can be minimalist or patterned but should always be filled with fresh flowers.

Opt for murals

Although paintings of light images fit well in coastal grandma houses, an original and successful alternative is to paint a seascape mural. Sober works of this type work as artistic backgrounds in dining rooms or terraces.

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Adapt your outfits to the coastal grandma style

The versatility of the coastal grandmother trend can be extended to the way you dress. The looks you choose necessarily have to be cool and relaxed, as if you were at the beach. This also has to do with the feeling of peace you’re looking for through using this trend.

Straw hats and wide shirts are a must in your closet. Blue, beige, and white, along with some flashy but subtle colors, also make up the ideal color palette.

Among the options for putting together your wardrobe, we’ll mention the following:

  • Striped sweaters
  • White slippers
  • Sweaters with dresses
  • Linen shirts and pants
a girl on the beach
 On the beach, we often dress in light tones and cool attire. It’s time to replicate that look in the city!

The coastal grandma as a lifestyle

When conceiving of the coastal grandma as a philosophy, certain habits must be modified. One of them is to buy sustainable and local products. This includes food, personal care, and household hygiene products.

People who have a coastal grandma lifestyle tend to enjoy long walks on the beach, love reading, are excited about changing flowers, and enjoy the pleasures of cooking and sharing meals with friends at least once a week. So, are you going to give this trend a try?

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