How to Decorate Your Kitchen in the Summer

The kitchen can also look great during the summer. In this opportunity we share some ideas for you to implement at home.
How to Decorate Your Kitchen in the Summer

Last update: 09 August, 2022

Major renovations to decorate your kitchen in summer aren’t necessary. In reality, there are a few simple ideas that allow you to refresh the atmosphere of this space of the home in a few simple steps. The key is to take advantage of this time of the year’s light, colors, and aromas. So, are you going to give any of these tips a try?

Ideas to decorate your kitchen in the summer

The kitchen is one of the areas of the home where most people share during the summer, so there are some people who decide to adapt their kitchen decor to this time of year. Fortunately, a few small changes are enough to make a big difference. Let’s take a look at some ideas.

1. Have an open kitchen

Open spaces invite a good circulation of air, light, and people. The days are longer in the summer, and family and social gatherings are the order of the day. That’s why extending the kitchen area can be a good idea this time of year.

Perhaps the kitchen can be connected to the dining area by a bar with stools or a counter. An open kitchen is ideal for enlarging the circulation spaces. In addition to this, it gives a feeling of spaciousness and freshness.

decorate your kitchen with a bar
Keeping the kitchen spaces uncluttered helps to give it a greater sense of spaciousness.

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2. Enhance the lighting

If your kitchen is already integrated with the living room or dining room, we suggest you make the most of the natural light that enters through all the windows. When the luminosity is shared by all the rooms that make up the kitchen, you’ll notice more brightness in the furniture and other objects.

3. Decorate with light colors

We know that the bright colors par excellence are white and beige. However, the palette is much wider when it comes to brightness and clarity. For example, the color yellow – in its lighter shades – can also bring a sense of freshness to an environment such as the kitchen. Likewise, shades such as aqua green or Mediterranean blue make their summery contribution in the kitchen.

A good way to incorporate them is through pictures, furniture, appliances, ornaments, etc. When the light enters and reflects on these objects, you will notice a special clarity in this space.

4. Use wallpaper

Wallpaper can be used in the kitchen, as long as you place it in areas that are not exposed to liquids and grease. The idea is to look for floral motifs, green leaves or fruit to give a great summer effect.

5. Use decorative vinyl stickers

This decorating option is extremely budget-friendly and convenient, since you can renew the pieces of vinyl once the summer is over. You can apply them on tiles, windows, furniture and other decorative elements.

Once again, floral and fruit motifs will be the most appropriate to convey freshness and summer spirit.

6. Decorate your kitchen with seasonal plants and flowers

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are small details that are perfect to include summer in the kitchen. One of the best alternatives is to bet on floral arrangements. It’s best to place the vase in a place where there’s plenty of natural light to enhance the effect.

Another good option is to add indoor plants that bring green tones to the environment. If you’re wondering how to decorate the kitchen in summer, common and aromatic plants are two low-cost options that will make a difference. Aromatics such as mint, oregano, and rosemary, among others, give a summer air to a kitchen.

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7. Hang summer pictures

Although placing pictures isn’t one of the most common decorative tricks, they come in handy to set the mood in the kitchen in summer. The motifs are very personal and depend on the taste of each one, although the beaches, the sea, the rivers, and any image that takes us back to the summer are valid. Likewise, flowers, fruits and lots of colors are decorative options that fit very well.

8. Add centerpieces

Centerpieces also serve to decorate the kitchen in summer because the range of options is open to new ideas. In addition to flowers – as we indicated in one of the points – a centerpiece basket of fruit is also a great idea. 

We must remember that it’s also ideal to increase our hydration in summer, so in addition to water, it’s advisable to eat foods abundant in a liquid such as fruit. Some recommended fruits are melon, watermelon, pineapple, and papaya.

In addition to ensuring proper hydration, we can say that a fruit basket is a more than healthy type of decoration!

Decorate your kitchen in the summer
A centerpiece with fruit not only contributes to the decoration but also allows you to have healthy and refreshing food on hand.

9. Use different tableware

Changing the tableware in summer can be another option to give a fresh touch to your kitchen. You can choose floral motifs or bright and cheerful colors. You can also apply summer vinyl stickers to glass bottles and glasses. You’ll love the result!

Decorate your kitchen in summer: Simple changes that refresh the atmosphere

In short, it’s enough to make small changes to give a more summery atmosphere to the kitchen. Basic elements such as baskets with fruit, natural flowers, and paintings can really make a difference. In addition, it’s worth opting for tones that bring brightness and freshness.

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