Eco-Friendly Decoration: Sustainable Ways To Decorate Your Home

Reuse and recycle objects to achieve an original, different, and economical style that respects the environment.
Eco-Friendly Decoration: Sustainable Ways To Decorate Your Home

Last update: 11 June, 2022

One of the biggest trends currently is eco-friendly decoration. In this article we’ll introduce its main features, and we’ll give you ideas for decorating your home according to its principles.
If you want your home to look nice and, at the same time, take care of the environment, eco-friendly decoration is for you! Without a doubt, you’ll fall in love with the wide variety of decorative options it offers. Are you ready to be inspired?

What is eco-friendly decoration?

Eco-friendly decorations and furniture made from recycled pallets.
Reuse and recycle furniture and objects to decorate your house.

Eco-friendly decoration is a decoration trend based on recycle, reuse, and reduce. What does all that mean? We’ll take a look at each of these principles one by one:

1. Recycle

The foundation of eco-friendly decoration is to avoid creating waste. For this reason, we recommend you make decorative elements from bottles, containers, boxes, and any other things you already have in the house.
You can make the decorations yourself, or buy objects made of recycled materials. Nowadays you can find them at fairs or even online in handmade shops.

2. Reuse

The second of the pillars advocates giving a new life to objects which, otherwise, would be thrown out. In this sense, the idea is to remodel furniture to turn it into what you need at the moment.

3. Reduce

Minimalism goes along well with this trend because it reduces the use of decorative elements. We know it’s impossible not to buy things to decorate your home, however what you can do is reduce the amount you buy.

Additionally, we recommend you always choose materials that don’t damage the environmentor animal species, avoiding things like furs, coral, and ivory, for example.

Ideas for eco-friendly decorations

The only limit on eco-friendly decoration is your creativity. Let your imagination fly, take a good look at the objects in your home and get inspired! We’ll give you a few ideas that are easy to put into practice:

1. Indoor plants

Indoor plants on shelf on wall.
Plants will give a fresh feeling to your home.

These might be the main decorative element of this trend. You can find them in any size and color possible. You can put them in the windows, on the floor, on furniture, or even decorate your walls with plants.

2. Dried flowers

The biggest advantage of going with dried flowers is that they’ll never die! Additionally, they’ll give your home a romantic, vintage style that everyone will love.

3. Lamps made with jars

Jar lamps by a window, an eco-friendly decoration idea.
Recycle jars and containers to make all sorts of original lamps.

Grab the tomato sauce or olive jars you have in your house, wash them well and then get to work! Make a hole in the middle of the lid, run the wire through it and wrap them around inside. Close the jar, plug the wire in and turn on the light. Easy!

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4. Dried leaves, pine cones, and shells

Use things you picked up on vacation or on a walk through the park to make your decorations. You can make a collage with them, or just place them decoratively on a plate or tray.

5. Reuse an old suitcase

Old suitcases on a brick wall, a great idea for eco-friendly decoration.
Decorate a corner of your home with old suitcases.

An old suitcase can find a new life, turned into a planter, a table, a stool, or even as a simple decorative element. Can you think of any other ideas?

6. Recycle old furniture

There are many options: you can paint them, decorate the drawers with wicker baskets, put new knobs on the drawers… If you have little kids, that old table can turn into a chalkboard table for playing with a bit of special paint. Meanwhile, you can renew that old armchair with new upholstery.

7. Turn cans into something useful!

Can pencil holders.
Cans can be great elements for eco-friendly decoration.

A can with pretty decorations can be a nice pencil holder, planter pot, or a candle holder. Remember to bend the sharp edge of the can to avoid cutting yourself when you use it.

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8. Reuse old clothes

An old pair of jeans can turn into a nice pillow case, while you can make a patchwork cushion with scraps of different colored clothes.

9. Furniture with boxes or wood pallets

If you paint and sand fruit boxes they can make a great storage space, you just need to stack them on top of each other and fasten them with nails. And pallets? They’re the perfect material to make benches, beds, or chairs, you just have to add cushions or a mattress and your favorite upholstery.

Join the newest trend of eco-friendly decoration and you’ll make a totally original and modern style for your house. Remember that recycling, reusing, and reducing is the best way to protect our planet.

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