Five Ideas to Decorate Your Living Room with Recycled Materials

October 5, 2019
Would you like to know how you can decorate your living room with recycled materials? In this article, we'll share some very creative ideas.

Your living room is probably the room you and your family use the most. Fortunately, you can add your own touch of creativity to this room where your family gathers and shares unique moments. This is why we’ve decided to share five ideas on how to decorate your living room with recycled materials.

You don’t need to invest large sums of money to have the living room of your dreams. With some good taste and originality, you can recycle materials and, at the same time, make your living room original.

Here are some ideas to get you started!

Five ideas to decorate your living room with recycled materials

1. Recycled wooden boxes

For starters, if you want to save some money on buying a shelf or a room divider, you can use wooden boxes and stack them as high as you need. Just make sure they’re properly sanded to avoid injuring yourself with any wood chips or imperfections.

This option also allows you to paint the boxes whatever color you prefer. Almost magically, you’ll have some shelves or bookcases where you can show off your decorative objects. If you’re thinking of stacking the recycled boxes, just remember to screw them together for greater safety.

2. Pallets and decoration

An original living room.

Pallets are a classic when it comes to decorating with recycled materials. You can use them to make different kinds of furniture.

Thousands of people have decided to decorate their homes and businesses with pallets. This is a crystal-clear example of how to recycle in style while creating comfortable environments at the same time. This affordable proposal has endless applications and uses.

You can make a sofa with pallets to make your living room look more casual. Also, you can use pallets to make wall shelves or a side table for your armchairs.

Finally, don’t forget the infinite possibilities regarding your children. You can use these materials to make bookshelves, beds, or even toy houses or castles for them.

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3. Wood

Wood is a noble material that never gets old. It also has the quality to transform any space into a unique one.

A perfect way to add character to a living room with recycled materials is to reuse a restored ceiling beam.

Also, with this material, you can make vintage picture frames or recycle an old ladder to reuse it as a bookshelf, for example. You can also cover an entire wall with old recycled strips of wood.

4. Recycled chairs for your living room

Different types of chairs.

When you decorate with different style chairs, each family member can choose where they’ll go according to their tastes and personality.

If you want to decorate your living room table originally and daringly, you can use recycled chairs. There are many antique and second-hand shops where you can find a wide variety of chairs to recycle and restore. Thus, it’s a good idea to visit a few of them and choose the chairs you like best.

Also, a fun idea to decorate your living room with recycled materials is to buy entirely different chairs, one of each style. This simple way of customizing this space allows each family member to have their own favorite chair according to their tastes.

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5. Frames and lamps

Finally, in the world of decorative arts, all ideas depend on personal tastes and criteria, meaning that what some people might find ugly, others might consider charming. Also, decorating your living room with recycled frames can open the doors to your most creative and imaginative side.

  • You can make collages or use fabrics.
  • Another option is to frame objects that are important to your family.
  • You can also try texture frames made with leaves or any material that inspires you and goes well with the space you’re going to decorate.
  • Also, any frame that includes family photos along with personal memories is a very sentimental way to decorate.

These are just some ideas for decorating your living room with recycled materials.

The magic of recycling consists of being able to reuse objects. Therefore, anything that you don’t use anymore is likely to give your living room a personal touch.

Try these and other ideas out!

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