Eight Ingenious Recycled Furniture Ideas

The ingenuity involved in giving waste materials another purpose makes recycled furniture very eye-catching. Discover eight recycled furniture ideas here!
Eight Ingenious Recycled Furniture Ideas

Written by Jose Popoff

Last update: 25 May, 2022

Recycled furniture is beautiful and very practical. You can create genuine works of art that will beautify your spaces by putting in some time and effort.

Using recycled furniture has several advantages. It’s a lot cheaper and long-lasting, and you also help the planet. That’s why we encourage you to make recycled furniture to create unique spaces! Recycled furniture can even help create modern and rustic rooms at the same time.

Nowadays, everything green is well-regarded. This is why using recycled furniture has become all the rage. Being part of this eco-friendly furniture movement helps ensures a better future for your children. Aside from doing your planet a favor, you’ll have fabulous furniture in your home.

Read on to discover some amazing recycled furniture ideas!

1. Barrel coffee table

A barrel coffee table.

You can use an empty barrel or cut one in half to make a beautiful coffee table. You can take it your nearest carpenter to get it cut. Sometimes empty barrels include brackets where they rest on. These will help support it if you decide to cut it in half.

If you like, you can polish and paint the barrel your favorite color, although it may look a lot better in its original color.  If you don’t want to paint it, at least give it a coat of sealer or varnish.

Place the two brackets on the floor and then the barrel. Over the barrel, place a thick wooden board.

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2. Shutter tables

If you have old wooden windows you no longer use, you can turn them into practical tables. Remember to buy table legs that can support the weight.

You can put these tables on your porch or hallway and place decorations and souvenirs on top of them.

3. Tire tables and chairs

Some tire chairs.

There are endless tire furniture ideas. For example, you can simply paint two tires your favorite color, stack them on top of each other, and then place a glass plate on top. The rubber will help keep the glass in place.

4. Turn your bathtub into a piece of furniture

If you longer use your old bathtub, don’t throw it away. Instead, get it cut into an armchair. Then, wash it and polish it well.

Place a cushion and some pillows on top to make a beautiful piece of recycled furniture!

5. Wooden pallet recycled furniture

You can make a lot of recycled furniture with wooden pallets, from garden decorations to stairs.

To do this, stack two pallets to turn them into a beautiful table to place on your porch or patio or combine them to create chairs or sofas.

6. A coat rack made of old wood and forks

Get a piece of wood of any shape and size. In fact, the more abstract the piece of wood is, the more elegant it’ll look. Polish the surface to make it shine.

Then, place three bent forks to make the coat rack hooks. It’s a great idea, don’t you think?

7. Cork chair

A lot of corks.

What do you think of this great recycled furniture idea? You must collect a huge amount of corks to be able to make a chair or table. The more you can get, the better, because cork furniture isn’t as sturdy as furniture made of pallets or empty barrels.

If you prefer, you can make cork ornaments to decorate your window shutter tables.

8. Bicycle wheel table

Use bicycle wheels as legs for a table. Nail two metal frames to a wooden board. Then, weld four tires to this table to make it look great. It’ll make any space pop!

In fact, you can put four bicycle tires on a table you already use to give it a vintage touch.

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