20 Great Ways to Reuse Wooden Crates at Home

When you reuse wooden crates, you can create a unique, inexpensive, and personalized item for storage in different parts of the home.
20 Great Ways to Reuse Wooden Crates at Home

Last update: 26 May, 2022

Wooden crates (like the kinds that contain fruit) are easy to reuse if you just use a little imagination. Because they’re made of durable materials there are plenty of interesting ways you can use them, in order to avoid having to throw them away.

If you don’t have a wooden crate at home but want to try out any of these craft projects, then you can find them at your nearby grocery store or supermarket.

Today we want to share 20 brilliant ways to reuse wooden crates and turn them into something decorative and useful for your home. Are you ready?

How to use wooden crates at home?

Sometimes, we accumulate lots of objects in our homes that we no longer use and just take up space. However, why not consider how to give them a second life? Maybe you can use them for a different purpose than before and in this way, decorate your home in an original way.

In addition, you’ll also be contributing to the environment by reusing these objects instead of throwing them away. Therefore, today we’re going to give you 20 ideas for recycling wooden crates that you no longer use. It’s not complicated and can give your home a cozy touch!

1. Reuse wooden creates: end tables

A recycled crate.
Firstly, sand down the fruit crate, paint it any color you like, and then add wheels to transform it into a side table for storing books and magazines.

2. Mirror and shelf

A mirror and shelf made from crates.
If you add a mirror to the bottom of one of the crates, then you’ll have a nice looking item to add to your bedroom or any other area of the house. You can also add two drawers at the sides for additional shelving.

3. Accessories storage

A shelf made from crates.
If you choose a color of paint that goes well with your room colors you can create a cute box to store all those small accessories you use every day.

In addition, this can help create a more organized, pleasant look to your room, which can also significantly affect your mood. Using the idea of harmony in Feng Shui, it feels very different to be in a messy room than in an organized one.

4. Kitchen organizer

Kitchen organizers made from crates.
Colored paints or decorative sticker paper can create these great organizers to store your dishes or utensils in the kitchen.

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5. A shoe bench

Shoe storage made from crates.
Out of all the many ideas for to reuse wooden crates, this is one of our favorites. It’s important that the wood is tough enough to use it as a stool, however.

Use spray paint to coat the crate and then line one side with fabric. Use the hollow space inside for shoe storage.

6. Garden or patio furniture

Gardening storage made from crates.
When you combine several crates using nails you can create a rustic looking set of shelves for your garden. It’s great for storing small plants, pots, and other gardening items.

7. Children’s toy chest

A children's toy box using crates.
Paint a large crate with bright colors and store smaller boxes inside to create a toy chest for your children.

8. Small living room furniture

Wooden crates as living room decoration.

Add several drawers to a painted fruit crate and use it in your living room to store magazines, books, or anything else you need.

9. Small magazine rack

A magazine rack made from crates.
With a little wood polish, paint, or other decoration you have the perfect little magazine rack. It’s simple and allows you to be creative.

10. Pet bed

A pet box made from a crate.
If the crate is large enough for your pet to make a bed, then just sand it down, and add some fluffy stuffing and a blanket. You’ll have a brilliant, cheap pet bed!

11. Coffee table

A coffee table made from crates.
Put together several crates that are similar in size using glue or another adhesive and you have a coffee table for your deck or patio.

12. Craft box

A magazine box made from a crate.
Paint your crate and you’ll get a multipurpose box for the home. You can store decorative flowers, newspapers, and anything else you’re not sure where to put.

13. A toy train

Trains made from crates.
If you want to make a cute craft project for your kids, then reuse wooden crates to build a toy train. Then, you can paint each section a different color and place your child’s favorite toys inside, such as stuffed animals.

Paint it with bright colors, then add wheels, and your children will love to play with it.

14. Book boxes

Book boxes made from crates.
These book boxes are very easy to make. Just fix two or three crates to the wall and use them for book shelving.

15. Wheeled organizers

Green wheeled organizers

This is a great craft for people who are short on storage space in their home. Firstly decorate the crates, add wheels, and then store them under the bed to keep things looking tidy.

16. Living room shelving

Rustic living room shelving.

Instead of spending all your money buying furniture to decorate your living room, fix several painted crates together to build a shelf.

17. Wall organizer

Wall organizers.

Fix some painted crates on your walls to get unique organizers. You can put labels on each one to keep things organized.

18. A ledge for toys

A toy ledge.
A nicely polished and painted crate can become a great ledge for your children’s room. Decorate it to their liking and then add toys to it for storage and display.

19. Bathroom furniture

Crates as bathroom organizers.

Put two crates together, paint them, and then place them in your bathroom for organizing towels, toiletries, and to add a decorative touch.

20. Garden pots

Pot stand made from a crate.
Give your garden a unique appearance by using these types of crates as pots for your plants. They’ll look fantastic!

Create original decoration with wooden crates

Interesting, right? So, now you know how you can reuse wooden crates in such a creative way, you can have fun coming up with your own creations at home.

In addition, this can help you awaken your creativity while giving your home a unique touch. You can also ask your family to help you and do these activities together. Do you want to try this at home?

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