How to Use Recycled Glass Bottles to Decorate your Garden

You can use recycled glass bottles to make original decorations for your garden. We'll show you how to decorate while caring for the environment.
How to Use Recycled Glass Bottles to Decorate your Garden

Written by Paula Heidemeyer

Last update: 25 May, 2022

Glass is used in so many products we buy from the supermarket, such as jam jars, pickle jars, fruit juice bottles and bottles of wine. Usually, if we find ourselves with a lot of glass bottles at home, we’ll take them to be recycled. However, if you’re a restless person that loves to make crafts, we want to give you some ideas for decorating your garden with those recycled glass bottles.

Even if you don’t have a garden, you should still take note of these ideas. That way, you can make gifts for friends and family members that do have gardens.

We all tend to accumulate a lot of glass bottles without even realizing it, and they’re all different sizes. We’ll show you some very innovative and interesting designs that you can use in your garden, especially using wine bottles. You can use them as decorative elements, to divide the different areas in your garden, or to build things. 

Ideas for Using Recycled Glass Bottles in Your Garden

The great thing about recycling and this new trend is that we can transform lots of everyday items into new and very useful products. It’s like we’re giving them a second life and a second chance.

Additionally, recycling is a great way to take care of the environment and our wallets.

Let’s take a look at some fun projects.

Wine Bottles as Pots

Use wine bottles to make pots.

One original idea is to our wine or beer bottles into pots for plants.

Keep in mind, however, you don’t have to use plants that need to grow or that require a lot of soil. Instead, you can use these bottles for herbs that you can keep right in your kitchen. Mint, parsley and cilantro are all great options.

  • You can place these bottles upside down so the nozzle makes a drain. Then, you can split open the bottom of the bottles to put the plants in.
  • Alternatively, you can plant other types of plants in these bottles if you place them horizontally. Placing them on their side, with one side open, is a very original idea that will also look great.

Unique Fences and Separators

By stacking some bottles on top of each other, you can create a fence or divide the different areas in your garden. It’s kind of like making a separation made from bottles. The visual effect is very colorful and relatively simple.

You can also create a fence to guard delicate plants. That way, you can keep people from accidentally stepping on them.

  1. Start by half-burning the first row of bottles.
  2. Then, add the following rows in an organized manner. Ideally, you want the rows to be stuck together so the structure won’t fall apart.
  3. In order to make this, you’ll need a lot of bottles: make sure you have all of them before you start so you don’t run out and won’t be able to finish.

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Lamps and Candle Holders

A more classic idea is to convert recycled glass bottles or jars into lamp holders. Since glass is a translucent material, it lets light in. So, when you place a flame or artificial light inside of these bottles, the result is really beautiful.

To make a lamp or candle holder, you need to cut the bottles very well. Be careful not to break them and, of course, try not to hurt yourself.

What do you need?

  • Recycled glass bottles
  • Drill
  • Light bulb
  • Support and wiring with plug
  • Lamp shade
  • Electrical tape

Follow these steps to make a lamp out of a glass bottle:

  • Clean the bottle both inside and out.
  • Decide whether or not you want to leave the label on the bottle. If you leave it, you’ll give your lamp a much older or vintage effect. 
  • Make a hole in the lower part of the base using the drill.
  • Put the cable through the hole and connect it to the bulb holder using the electrical tape.
  • Then, put the holder on top of the bottle, screw the bulb in and put the lamp shade on.

You can put this lamp in your garden, or you can even use it inside your home. Either way, it’ll give the space an amazing and very original effect.

Make a Terrarium

You can make a terrarium from recycled glass bottles.

Terrariums are very easy to make and they look great. All you have to do is properly prepare your bottle so you can put precious stones, sand, shells, small plants, etc. inside of it.

You can also use items other than recycled glass bottles to make your terrarium. Ideally, you should try to find different sized bottles, or even a fish tank.

Then, you can put them either in the garden or in your house. It’s also great as a centerpiece on the dining room table!

Candlesticks Made with Wine Bottles

Lastly, another great idea is to make candlesticks using wine bottles. They’re very simple to make, they’re cheap and, most importantly, they’re very original. This will give your garden a bohemian touch.

  1. Melt a candle and let the wax fall into the mouth of the bottle.
  2. Once you have enough wax, stick the candle inside that you want to use and let it dry and get firm.
  3. When it’s dry, your candlestick is ready.

As you can see, you can do so many things with recycled glass bottles. So, next time you’re about to put them in the recycling bin, think about trying out one of these crafts instead.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.