Nordic Paper: How to Use It in Home Decoration?

Nordic wallpaper continues to set trends in decoration. Let's have a look at how it can be used at home.
Nordic Paper: How to Use It in Home Decoration?

Last update: 18 July, 2022

To talk about Nordic paper in decoration is to talk about a Scandinavian-style minimalist material in which white, black and gray are the main players; it’s getting more and more followers. Also, these neutral tones open the way to bright colors, which will be responsible for providing the detail that every space needs.

We’re going to look at how we can apply Nordic paper in the different environments of a house or apartment to achieve a cozy atmosphere. You’ll be surprised at the effects that can be achieved with such a limited chromatic scale.

The main characteristics of Nordic paper

As its name suggests, it comes from countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. It was created with a very special purpose: to achieve a cozy and well-lit area in the Scandinavian long dark winters.

It’s a wallpaper whose design is inspired by nature and geometric shapes. This is why the most common motifs that can be found in it are leaves, trunks, branches, imitation wood and striped and lattice patterns.

In general, the background of the paper is white and the lines can be gray, black, and even brown. Before choosing yours, consider what room or area you’d like to use it in, and what you need to add in terms of furniture and complementary decorative elements.

Nordic paper in a room.
Nordic minimalism is widely used as a trend in city apartments that don’t have much space.

In what areas can Nordic wallpaper be used?

As we have already mentioned, Nordic wallpaper is the star of the Scandinavian decorative style, in which minimalism, simple lines, little furniture, and few objects prevail. This is because, in northern European countries, where winters never seem to end, people spend a lot of time indoors and houses must be as functional as possible.

The colors used are white, black, gray and, in some cases, brown. They give a sober and elegant look to the environment.

However, it’s very common to combine these neutral tones with colorful paint, an attractive armchair or a rug that brings an extra dose of color, which will suit the room very well.

Nordic wallpaper is mainly used in interiors, either in bedrooms, dining rooms, hallways or living rooms. The idea is to wallpaper one of the walls and leave the rest of the walls in white or gray tones that complement and complete the pattern.

Wood gets along wonderfully with the Scandinavian style, so don’t hesitate to add wooden chairs or tables with simple lines to a dining room with Nordic wallpaper on one of its walls. The shades of the furniture should be light, such as oak or ash.

Stone and ceramics also merge with the Nordic wallpaper and create a comfortable atmosphere. As long as the tones are light, the combination will be successful.

Scandinavian furniture.
Scandinavian-style furniture has simple lines and neutral colors.

Can it be combined with other colors?

The answer to this question will depend on the style that each person wants to give their home. Each person appropriates the Nordic style and adapts it according to their tastes.

In general, we can say that it is indeed possible to combine Nordic wallpaper with colors that are a little brighter. But always try to respect the minimalist style of the background.

In this sense, try not to let the Scandinavian elegance be swamped by other styles. If you do, you’ll break with the basic Nordic guidelines and it would no longer be pure Scandinavian.

Color can be present in the armchair cushions, as long as you add some Nordic style blankets in neutral tones that complement them. In addition, you could try some more vibrant tones with a potted houseplant, a rug, and pictures that blend with the wallpaper.

Pastels also look great with Nordic wallpaper. They bring harmony and provide the feeling of a cozy area that you’d like to spend time in.

Nordic wallpaper: a style that never goes out of style

We hope you can apply some of the ideas we have shared with you. Do it without fear, knowing that the Scandinavian style will never go out of style.

Why? Because at the end of the day, it’s a style that creates a cozy home with simple lines. We know that these two characteristics are always present when decorating our environments.

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