7 Ideas for Decorating a Living Room with Dark Furniture

Does dark furniture catch your eye? In this article, we'll tell you how to decorate a living room with dark pieces and how to make the most of them.
7 Ideas for Decorating a Living Room with Dark Furniture

Last update: 18 July, 2022

When decorating a living room with dark furniture, we must pay close attention. The addition of these tones is something current and in trend, as it brings a lot of elegance.

Although furniture in dark tones is an element that can give personality and character to the spaces, we must know how to choose the decorative complements to achieve the perfect balance so that the place doesn’t look overloaded. While we may already have some ideas and the store can give us some suggestions, here are some recommendations.

The characteristics and advantages of dark furniture

Dark furniture is often used in classic and sober or minimalist and elegant environments. However, this trend has changed, and we can create warm and relaxed spaces with dark colors that aren’t necessarily minimalist.

However, it’s true that dark furniture tends to bring elegance. In fact, it’s one of the key elements of Nordic style decoration.

One of the main advantages of furniture in dark tones is that it doesn’t stain easily. For this reason, it’s ideal for homes that have pets or small children. However, if the pets have light hair, the problem will be more noticeable .

Another advantage is that dark pieces of furniture stand the test of time better, because in addition to not staining, they’re very sophisticated. It’s easy to create contrasts, so they avoid the flat effect. Even so, dark fabric sofas tend to lose their color if exposed to strong sources of light, according to a guide to furniture use and maintenance.

The best ideas for decorating a living room with dark furniture

Don’t be afraid to include a dark piece of furniture in the decoration. The key to an excellent result is that it doesn’t occupy a high percentage against the rest of the furniture.

Muebles negros.
Black furniture brings elegance to rooms. It’s easy to create avant-garde contrast with it.

1. Take advantage of large living rooms

Dark furniture looks great in large and bright spaces. If we choose them for small living rooms, they make them look even smaller, especially if there is poor lighting.

When it comes to putting a dark piece of furniture in a small living room, it’s best that it’s not a very large one. Lighting plays a key role.

2. Put light colors on the walls

Dark furniture goes very well when mixed with light colors, both on the walls and in the other elements that make up the decor. When you have white or ivory walls, dark furniture will give an excellent contrast.

Dark wood, such as oak and walnut, accent in a balanced way with light walls.

However, if you have an area of your house with a wall with a touch of strong color, such as pink, green, blue, or yellow, dark furniture can also generate contrast, especially if they’re blue or dark green.

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3. Opt for a light floor

If we want to have laminate wood floors and dark furniture at the same time, it’ s best to choose a floor that tends to light shades. However, it’s also important to choose them within the same range of cool or warm tones.

In this sense, it’s possible to have light gray floors and black furniture, for example. Another option is to choose wood floors that go towards honey tones and dark brown furniture.

In the case of light tile floors, dark furniture can create an interesting contrast. However, you should choose the shades according to the style you’re going for. If you have a vintage or kitsch style, you can use shades of navy blue. If, on the other hand, it’s a Nordic style, greens, blues or grays set the trend.

In the industrial style, dark-colored furniture with metallic sconces work very well.

4. Don’t neglect the lighting when decorating with dark furniture

The key is to have excellent lighting that provides spaciousness and warmth. In this sense, it’s a good idea to have dark furniture in living rooms that have good natural light.

When deciding on lamps, those that give off a warm light come in handy. In the case of lampshades, make sure they’re light-colored.

5. Take advantage of the decorative elements to give life

If you don’t want to decorate a living room with dark furniture and get a dull and dreary effect, it’s best to opt for decor that gives life to the room. Use decorative elements that bring warmth and light with light colors.

Mirrors come in handy.

On the other hand, plants always bring balance and life to complement the decoration in living rooms. They’re ideal for achieving an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility. They work to tone down the impact of dark furniture and harmonize the room.

6. The blinds and curtains should give contrast

Whatever the choice you make in texture, design, or size when choosing the system of blinds, lean towards light colors, white or ivory, which allow good natural lighting.

decorating dark furniture
The curtains should leave a good passage of light to promote the illumination of dark furniture.

7. Buy suitable cushions for your dark sofa

Something that’s very important when having a dark sofa in the living room is to choose cushions or fabrics that complement it well. Beware of the monotony effect.

There’s an infinite variety of fabrics and textures to opt for, depending on the style you want to achieve. As with the other aspects we’ve pointed out, the key is to generate contrasts.

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Dare to experiment when decorating your living room with dark furniture

Now that you know several keys to decorating a living room with dark furniture, you’ll probably be encouraged to buy some for your home. While it may sometimes seem like parsimonious, plain furniture, remember that there are options beyond black. In fact, much vintage antique furniture is complex and bold.

Also remember that, in addition to following basic interior design guidelines and principles, personal taste and style are important. Dare to experiment and try new things. If you feel like you don’t have much creativity, don’t hesitate to check social media or magazines for inspiration.

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