Make Your Own Decorative Cushions

In this article, we'll tell you how to make and decorate your own cushions so you can make the most of them and make your home look amazing.
Make Your Own Decorative Cushions

Last update: 26 May, 2022

You don’t need to make huge changes when it comes to redecorating your home. In fact, one easy way to change the feel of a room is to simply give it a new look with some decorative cushions. Plus, it’s really easy to do! You just need a little creativity and a couple of materials.

The great thing about cushions is that they’re really easy to modify with just a few simple steps. This is particularly true if they’re mono-colored cushions. The basic materials for doing this are:

  • Thread
  • A sewing needle
  • A glue gun
  • Fabric marker
  • Decorative elements
  • Thin paper (ideally tracing paper)
  • Fabric (There are many different colors and textures, and you can even recycle what you don’t use).

Shapes You Can Give to Your Cushions

Given that most cushions are square or rectangular, it’s sometimes a good idea to give them a new shape. To redesign them, you’ll need a sewing machine to get a neater shape.

You could also take this opportunity to add more stuffing or change the stuffing they already have, making them softer.

How to Make Your Own Decorative Cushions

You’ll need a large piece of fabric (to cover the cushion), a needle, thread, a piece of paper with a sketch of your design, a couple of pinking shears, tracing paper, pins, stuffing material, pencil, and a ruler.

  • First, spread the fabric over a flat surface, like the kitchen table.
  • Put another sheet of fabric of the same size on top.
  • Draw your design on the tracing paper.
  • Then, cut it out and pin it to the fabric.
  • Sew around the design. Leave a gap so that you can put the stuffing inside.
  • Turn the fabric inside out so that you can’t see the stitches.
  • Fill the fabric with padding, a cushion or whatever material you like.
  • Once the stuffing is inside, sew the gap closed.
  • Decorate according to your tastes.

Tips for Decorating Your Cushions

Below, we’ve shared some tips for making decorative cushions to give your home a fresh look.

1. Wool bobbles


Since bobbles are currently quite fashionable, you could even use them to decorate your home too. You can attach them to just the corners or all around the edge of your cushions.

  • Take some wool and roll it around a piece of cardboard of whatever size you want.
  • Roll it around many times. Once finished, carefully remove the cardboard.
  • Tie a piece of wool the same color around the middle of the ball so as to divide it in two.
  • Cut the ends where the woollen is folded over.
  • Arrange the threads of wool to form a bobble.

2. Draw Designs and Decorate with Buttons

  • Draw a shape in the center of the cushion.
  • Stick red buttons inside the outline with a glue gun.

You could make hearts, a cloud, the sun, flowers, and use buttons of different colors. Let your imagination run wild!

3. Fabric Shapes on the Cushions

A sofa covered in decorative cushions

With this technique, you’re going to use leftover pieces of fabric to make other shapes. We recommend that you sew them to the center of a mono-colored cushion to give a greater sense of volume and so that it stands out.

4. Draw Letters or Phrases

Draw Letters or Phrases

To draw a large letter that fits perfectly, do the following:
  • First, copy the letter onto some cardboard. Attach the drawing to the cushion with some pins.
  • Carefully cut out the letter.
  • Mark around the letter with a fabric marker.

If you want, you can write a phrase:

  • First, write in pencil on the cushion.
  • Then, go over with the marker. This way will probably be easier.

5. Decorate with Beads and Sequins

Some cushions decorated with beads and sequins

If you like shiny things, this is a chance to give yourself a stylish treat with some bright, decorative cushions.

  • Choose a design that you like.
  • It’s best to start by drawing gently with a pencil.
  • Stick the beading on with a glue gun.

There are many ways you can use beading and sequins. Have fun with it!

6. Using Tulle Netting

Giving Space

You can also use tulle to decorate pillows or cushions. To make a ballerina, for example, you’ll need some tulle netting so that the dress is in 3D.

  • Draw a ballerina on the cushion.
  • Stick wool on to make her hair.
  • Sew or stick on fabric to make her outfit.
  • Use some other fabric to make shoes.
  • Then, you can use a fine ribbon for shoelaces.
  • Finally, you can use tulle netting for the tutu, which you can stick on with a glue gun.

7. Painting with Fabric

A tastefully decorated living room

You don’t need to be an experienced painter to make some excellent designs on your decorative cushions. Just follow these steps:

  • Firs, make your cushion out of smooth, light-colored fabric. This will be easier to work with.
  • Then, you can make marks with many different colors. It’s really fun to do this with children, too.
  • Basic designs always look the best.
  • If you want, you could try painting a countryside, flowers, or whatever you like.

With a just a few simple brushstrokes, you’ll change your cushions completely and you can transform a previously sad and colorless room.

The best thing about doing all this is that it’s really fun and makes your home look fabulous!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.