Five Fragrant Flowers for a Small Garden

30 April, 2021
A garden should be a delight for all the senses. In this article, learn about five beautiful and fragrant flowers for your garden.

One of the best things in life is to go out and enjoy the smell of a garden full of fragrant flowers. Actually, gardens aren’t only pleasing to our eyes, but to the rest of our senses as well; the sense of smell, for example. So, with that in mind, we’d like to tell you a little bit about what we know in regards to five beautiful flowers you can plant in your favorite spot to create a small (or large) and lovely garden. Ready for notes? When designing your garden, regardless of how small it is, it’s important to keep some things in mind. Yes, the colors are nice and they’re very important. However, in order to design a truly lovely garden, you must take it beyond aesthetics. Think about pleasing every sense you have in your system. After all, if you truly like it then the rest of us will too. Before you begin, take into account your current climate and the type of soil you have. These are very important when deciding on the selection you’ll have in your garden. Further, a consistent arrangement is also indispensable to obtain your desired results. Wait let’s not go further without repeating how important the fragrance of your selection of flowers is. As we mentioned before a garden is not only visually appealing but also pleasing to the nose (be it furry whiskered, classical straight, straight handsome, etc). So, take note of the five fragrant flowers we’re about to propose and enjoy their impact on your senses every time you wake up and smell the roses. And, speaking of, here they go. Fragrant Flowers for Your Garden Lilac or Common Lilac [image src=’’]A woman watering some lilacs.[/image] Syringa vulgaris, popularly known as lilac or common lilac, won’t just give add spectacular color to your garden but its aroma will also flood it with various memories and sensations. Lilacs are very easy to find. You can easily find them in most nurseries or garden centers. Further, their seeds are probably sold at your local grocery store. These flowers bloom in spring, which is when they emerge and give off that fresh clean aroma. In addition, lilacs are very easy to grow. In fact, they do in nearly every type of climate and soil. Still,  opt for deep, moist soils because their roots prefer moisture. Finally, our advice is that you plant them during spring. Keep in mind they take a while to root, so exercise patience. Roses Ah, the queen of all gardens, the rose. This is also a scented flower with a rather characteristic fragrance. The family of Rosaceae covers about a hundred species of roses, but all of them are fragrant and will delight your senses. In addition, roses flower throughout the year. If you’re going to plant rose bushes, always remember to leave enough space between the plants. This way you’ll ensure their leaves can receive sunlight and enough oxygen around them. Also, keep them well pruned and, above all, make sure that they don’t lack a watering source. We recommend: The Amazing Benefits of Rose Water Lavender [image src=’’]A close-up of a lavender plant.[/image] Lavender will bring another familiar fresh and clean fragrance to your garden. In addition, its bluish flowers will add a vivid, colorful mosaic to your small garden. The plant flowers from April to July, the time when it also expels its characteristic aromatic oil that you can use to make your own lotions, soaps, and cosmetics. To make the most of this plant’s fragrance you should plant it on a sunny spot. Choose a location that’ll also shelter it from the cold. Further, this plant doesn’t require too much care. In fact, watering it in times of heat and protecting it from extremely cold temperatures will suffice. Fragrant Flowers: Hyacinth Hyacinth, also known as Hyacinthus orientalis, is another popular fragrant flower. And, you know what? There are hyacinths of many different colors, so you can mix and match the different ones in order to fill your garden with intense colors. This plant is a perennial and bulbous plant that produces a wand-like stalk topped with highly vivid flowers. In regard to their care, water them often and don’t ever miss it. In fact, it’s a good idea to place a dish under the pot that will ensure a constantly moist soil. Read also: Four Ways to Decorate Your Small Garden Honeysuckle Finally, we leave you a climbing plant, the honeysuckle. With this one, you don’t have to worry about space problems as it doesn’t grow too much. Its aroma is characteristically sweet, hence the name. Further, it blooms in the fall. Its shape is bell-like. These fragrant flowers are quite easy to care for. In fact, they’ll survive in a partially shaded area, but also grow fast and strong in full sun. Do water them every 3 to 4 days. Finally, they can withstand extremely cold temperatures.