What Is The "Glam" Style and How to Bring It Into Your Home

The "glam" style is among the favorites of current decorative trends. Let's see in detail what it is all about.
What Is The "Glam" Style and How to Bring It Into Your Home

Last update: 16 September, 2022

The word glam comes from glamour, so we can imagine that luxury, extravagance, and a refined and delicate aesthetic are indisputable parts of this decorative style. This is a type of decoration that’s gaining more and more followers because it offers a combination of textures, colors, and materials that make it attractive.

Innovation in the world of interior design has no limits. That’s why it will always be something to talk about. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at the glam style, its most important characteristics, and how you can apply it in your home.

What are the foundations of the “glam” style?

Mixtures and combinations are the basis of the glam style. That is, the essence of this movement is the coexistence of several types of decoration all in one.

Now, does that mean that the glam style allow for indiscriminate mixing? The answer is no, since it only takes into account the midcentury modern, classic, French, and a touch of industrial styles.

The desired result is an elegant, sophisticated, and luxurious atmosphere. To achieve this, not even the smallest ornament is randomly placed. On the contrary, each piece of furniture, painting, and object occupies a space that has been carefully planned and designed.

Even if several styles are mixed to achieve this style, a minimalist and simple background is part of its crucial essence. This is because aesthetics is fundamental and is not negotiable when it comes to glam decor.

In general, it’s best appreciated in large environments that allow for a good contrast. Although all of them should merge and complement each other, each one must have its own space to develop in fullness.

Another of its characteristics is order, so this isn’t really a style that allows for excesses. After all, too much ornamentation hinders the visual and interferes with this minimalist essence.

Minimalist kitchen
Minimalist order is the basis of glam decor. Then, luxurious objects can be added.

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How to apply the glam style to your home

There are a series of keys that you have to take into account if you want to apply this style at home. They’re related to colors, architectural elements, furniture, textiles, and materials.


The walls of a glam-style environment should be light tones, such as whites, beige, and grays. Although you can choose the tones you like the most, it’s all about applying the principle that states that light tones enlarge spaces.

The contrast sought in any glam style will come from the furniture and textiles. In this case, they should be dark so that they really stand out.

On the other hand, if you insist on dark walls, this decorative style prefers petrol blues, dry green, mauve, violet and even a defined pink. It’s also possible to mix more than one tone on the same wall to divide the environment into different spaces or sections.

As for black, it can be used to give just a touch of distinction. Picture frames, carpet details, cushions, and (a few) decorative ornaments are all good ways to incorporate this color.

Black goes very well with gold and silver.

Architectural details

The glam style benefits from the various architectural details of a room. In this case, we’re talking about moldings, beams, columns, pillars, and arches.

The key here is to highlight them and give them prominence. For example, exposed wooden beams, metal columns, and plaster moldings are three welcome elements.

Glam furniture

It’s important to remember that ecesses don’t go well with this style, so we recommend that you analyze what furniture you need well and don’t place anything you are not going to use. After all, the furniture should take the main role in a glam living room and gets all the compliments.

If we’re talking about a living room, a divan-type armchair in a strong tone with curved and carved legs can’t be missing. In a bedroom, the headboard should be the star of the show. Meanwhile, in a dining room, glass side tables will look perfect.

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Glam style materials

Glass, marble, and metal occupy the stage of the materials that must be present in any successful glam style.

Regarding glass, the classic chandelier hanging from the ceiling and radiating light and brightness everywhere will ensure a good share of glamor. Similarly, a mirror with a gold or silver frame will make the space look more spacious. An industrial style can be incorporated through elegant shelves.

Glam style chandelier
Crystal chandeliers are synonymous with glamour. Their presence brings a touch of glamor to any room.


Velvet is the favorite of the glam style, as it could be no other way. Velvet softness translates into luxury and gives a sophisticated touch to any room. Finally, textured upholstery and sober carpets can also contribute their grain of sand.

The “glam” style is all about careful luxury

So far, we’ve taken a look at all of the keys to the glam style and how it can be applied at home. However, it’s important to be careful when combining these elements to avoid making any design mistakes.

Although this is a daring style in which extravagance prevails, you shouldn’t have to go overboard and overshadow its minimalist and tasteful essence. A few vintage elements, glass ornaments combined with the warmth of wood, or oriental cushions resting on velvet are enough.

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