7 Ideas for Decorating Your Home with Wicker

Decoration made with wicker objects never goes out of fashion and reinvents itself over time. Let's take a look at the many ways we can incorporate it in our homes.
7 Ideas for Decorating Your Home with Wicker

Last update: 11 August, 2022

Although decorating trends vary over time, there are classics that always remain in style. A clear example is the willow fiber. This is a material to make different types of objects capable of decorating many spaces of a house. So, in this article, we’ll be telling you some ideas to decorate your home with wicker.

This material is a natural fiber obtained from a shrub that grows in the countryside. It’s characterized by being light and flexible. It can be used to make everything from furniture to baskets and rugs.

In some cases, wicker is mixed with rattan, which is another natural material that is taken from a vine. It’s quite hard, so the combination of the two results in objects that are both strong and flexible.

1. Have a wicker dining room set

Let’s start with the dining room and the incorporation of the material in this space. Although there are many ways to decorate with wicker, in this case we have opted for chairs to accompany the table.

The wicker will make a space more casual and bring freshness and an informal style. You can add some cushions whose colors and textures complement other elements you have, such as rugs or curtains.

Wicker dining room chairs
Wicker chairs in a dining room bring a tropical and summery look to a place.

2. Decorate your home with wicker poufs in the living room

The living room is a space that invites you to gather, relax, and enjoy a movie, among other leisure activities. That’s why we thought that some wicker poufs would look great in this environment.

In addition to using them as seats, you could consider the idea of using them as support tables to place drinks and some food. Here, the cushions you use can complement and set off all the decorative elements you may have.

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3. Use wicker in the bedroom

The bedroom is also a place where wicker looks great. As a material of natural origin, it brings life to a space.

Among all the ways we have to decorate a bedroom with wicker, we have the headboard of the bed and some stools at the foot of it. If to this we add some blankets in vibrant colors, the result will be incredible!

It’s not necessary to fill the whole room with wicker, but innovation does lie in the details…If you feel that the headboard is too much, you can try to add just a couple of stools or decorative elements.

4. Decorating your home with wicker in the bathroom

Among the ideas for decorating the home with wicker could not miss the bathroom, since also here we can use the material to completely change the style of the space. One of the most common suggestions is to place baskets for clothes, for example.

Another alternative is to opt for a wicker frame for the mirror and give a modern and informal touch to the bathroom.

Decorating your home with wicker
Wicker baskets in the bathroom are functional as well as decorative.

5. Wicker in children’s rooms

A child’s room is also a space to decorate with wicker. You can choose a trunk for toys, headboards for beds, and even storage furniture. Also, rugs of the material create a play surface as a very practical proposal.

You can also opt for a wicker bassinet or cradle. Finally, you could place a rocking chair to put a baby to sleep.

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6. Galleries and light patios

There’s no doubt that wicker furniture can be used in galleries and outdoor spaces. Here are some suggestions that can look great:

  • A wicker swing: It can be mounted both outside and inside the house and is a great idea to relax. Besides the fact that you will get a lot of use out of it, it will completely change the aesthetics of the space.
  • A set of table and chairs or armchairs: Wicker furniture for the garden is very common. In fact, at first, this material was actually only used for gardens and terraces and not so much for the interior.

7. Decorative objects made with wicker

Next, we’ll make a brief description of elements to decorate the home with wicker that you can place in different spaces. Perhaps, before installing a dining set or a sofa made of this material, you may prefer to try small details to make sure it looks great in your home:

  • Lamps: Wicker lamps are trendy and look good in any environment. They can be hanging or floor lamps, depending on the style you want. There’s a wide variety of sizes and shapes, so it will be easy to find your favorite. You will get subtle and natural lighting by using wicker lamps.
  • Pots: The combination of a plant with a wicker pot is one of the best that can be achieved in the world of decoration. Remember that, being a material of vegetable origin, wicker will look great forming a whole with the plant.
  • Trays: Wicker trays are, without a doubt, the detail par excellence that can change the look of your spaces with very little money. They’re usually used on walls or as table centerpieces. Decorative success is guaranteed!
  • Baskets: Just like trays, wicker baskets will give a cozy character to your rooms. If you combine them with blankets, you could also design a Nordic corner. There’s an infinity of varieties, colors, sizes, and shapes to work with. It’s just a matter of finding your favorites.
Decorating your home with wicker
Although wicker furniture was originally intended for outdoors, it’s now part of many indoor options.

Decorating your home with wicker is a classic that never fails

We hope you’ve opened your range of decorative options with wicker and that you can make some of these ideas your own. Every home is different and it is the details that will speak for you in the unique spaces of your home.

We encourage you to use wicker elements to achieve an environmentally friendly, durable, and modern decoration. You can also try buying these products directly from their manufacturers, who are usually artisans, and contribute to regional economies.

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