Be Calm: Let Time Heal and Put Everything in its Place

If you manage your emotions properly, fate will bring you what you deserve – but you have to fight for it. Learn to be calm and remember that time will heal and put everything in its place.
Be Calm: Let Time Heal and Put Everything in its Place
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 27 May, 2022

Time, whether or not you believe it, is persistent: sooner or later it will put each and every person in the place where they belong. Let time heal, breathe, and stay calm, because the pain from right now will go away with the hands of the clock.

Remember: your sorrow will heal as the days pass and that, little by little, your tears are transformed into new hope. The hands of time, as curious as they may seem, actually have two virtues. They can help you alleviate your pain, or transform you into a person who functions despite the hidden pain.

Time is the only way that you can deal with depression or soften an emotional blow. You will need your willpower, energy, personal strength, and emotional management to achieve the future you truly deserve: a future filled with calm and balance.

Let time heal all wounds

You may have heard plenty of sugar-coated phrases and ideas growing up. You’ve probably become familiar with sayings that make promises like “life brings good things to those with good hearts,” or “good always comes to those who wait.”

At this point in your life, however, you probably know that bad things can happen to good people, and that happiness doesn’t knock on your door by itself, no matter how longingly you expect it.

What do we mean by this? It’s very simple: to live life means to become a wise warrior who knows which battles to fight and which are best avoided.

You have to develop new emotional strategies that will help you survive in these complex and demanding scenarios. Therefore, you must learn to let time heal your wounds.

Healing means going through certain stages

Let time heal your wounds

Imagine you have an injury. In order for it to heal, you first need to close up the cut or apply a bandage over the wound. You’ll need treatment and some time to rest. Later, you can start some physical therapy to recover your mobility.

Emotional or psychological wounds are no different:

  • You need time to recover and time to rehabilitate.
  • Healing from your sorrows requires a time of calm and reflection.
  • Your brain processes a breakup, a failure, or a loss in the same way as a burn or a physical blow.
  • During those times, the chemistry in your brain needs time to reflect while you focus all your attention on yourself.
  • Don’t avoid this, as it is the only way to accept what has happened to you.

The truth always comes out sooner or later

Girl that knows you must let time heal your wounds

In order to overcome a difficult time, there’s no need to remain still, however.

Time won’t heal your wounds by itself if you don’t disinfect certain thoughts, or even certain people, from your life.

  • In order to advance wisely, you need to make some difficult choices. This is how you can enter your future and endure the passage of time with more integrity.
  • No matter what, though, the truth always winds up showing itself.
  • If someone betrayed you with lies, sooner or later they will wind up being a prisoner of their deceit.
  • If they didn’t listen to you when you exposed a difficult truth, at some point they will understand your sincerity.

This is why you need to remain calm. The hypocrisy of others can never be sustained for a long period of time. At some point, the lie will collapse and the liar will get what he or she deserves.

How to keep calm in times of difficulty

Sad girl and black tree

Pressure at work, communication difficulties in your relationship, a lack of time with your children, or even feeling tired and weary for no apparent reason are all aspects of our daily lives.

One could argue that we’ve forgotten how to be happy…Nevertheless, it’s something deeper and more complex than that. We experience a type of existential anguish that can blur our priorities.

Keep in mind:

  • To stay calm during these complex times, remember what is most important to you and focus on that.
  • Emotional calm is achieved through a state of mental calm. You are what you think, so try to focus your thoughts on constructive, positive, and hopeful things.
  • If you become obsessed with yesterday and with mistakes that have been made and past disappointments, you won’t move forward and you’ll have even more mental chaos.
  • Orient the direction of your thoughts. Practice mindfulness, focus your attention on the here and now, and ignite your heart.

If you manage your emotions properly, fate will bring you what you deserve – but you have to fight for it and let time heal your wounds.

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