How to Cure Your Sadness from Day to Day

· November 4, 2014

You might be going through a bad time at this very moment.  Something might have happened in your life, or you could just feel an existential emptiness that is difficult to explain.  Sadness sometimes sticks to us, drowning our hearts.  So how do we cure ourselves of it?

How to overcome sadness, little by little

Chronic sadness is substratum of depression.  You must tread lightly here.  Think of sadness as a disease that must be cured, like a muscle that needs to get hard and strong in order to hit our reality with as much energy as possible, with the best of spirits.

What is is that usually makes people sad?  You might think that every person is very different, that everyone walks around absorbed in their own particular worlds.  But the truth is, the same the hurts all of us.  Everyone is affected by the same things: a sensation of loneliness, not being understood or respected.  We feel disdain and mistreatment, lies and betrayal.

A sometimes we suffer without really knowing why.  By some emptiness?  By having arrived at a time in our lives when we realize that we’re not completely happy?  This sometimes happens.  It is normal.  Here we are going to explain to you which guidelines you can follow to rationalize sadness and to overcome it healthfully.

1. Identify what it is that affects you


It could seem obvious to you, but it’s not always easy.  Sometimes it is an accumulation of several things: something your partner did to you, feeling like you don’t really do what you want but what others expect of you, a disappointment…Sometimes sadness isn’t just one color, but a whole complex spectrum that you need to learn to get to the bottom of.

2. Don’t sit still, don’t lock yourself up at home

Walking weight lossSitting still will trap you like a creeping vine.  Do not give up.  If you’re starting to feel like you want to stay at home, not go out with your friends, leaving your social relations to the side and you prefer to stay in the dark in bed, depression has already started to take hold of you.  Do not allow it.  Call upon your energies by telling yourself that you will not give up, you deserve to be happy, and that all pain is temporary.  All problems have a solution.  Nothing is forever and you have the right to find your own peace.  The day that you least expect it you will get up one morning with a smile on your face and say to yourself: “Today, I feel good.  I’m going to take over the world today”.

3. Sadness as a moment of reflection in order to grow stronger

FriendshipAs frequently said, there is no night that has not been overcome by morning.  This means that no pain will be eternal; that which hurts you so much today will not sting so much forever.  Everything calms down and everything gets better.  You need to understand sadness as a moment of reflection, as a moment when need to turn your gaze inside to cure yourself, to repair all those damages.  And also to take decisions.  This reflection that sadness brings should allow us to open our eyes in the right direction.  And you need to be valiant in order to take it.  Keep in mind that your happiness deserves it, and that not making proper decisions, or by not daring yourself, you could someday become overtaken by frustration.  So do not doubt it, strengthen your self-esteem, and leave this dark tunnel of sadness, stronger than before.

4. Asking for help is sometimes necessary

FriendsDon’t think that you alone are going to be able to do it all.  A helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, and a face that looks at you sincerely when you talk, could be an invaluable aid.  But chose the appropriate person well.  Some people don’t know how to listen, some people worry more about themselves and don’t know how to be open.  I bet that within your close circle of friends you know who always has the right words for you, who is open to receive you whenever you need it and to listen to you…let them help you.  Loneliness is not always good when sadness is drowning you.

5. Find excitement every day

HappinessWhen you get up in the morning, give yourself a goal.  Something that pushes you from inside and that forces you out of bed, to get dressed, to feel attractive, and to want to leave the house.  Sign up for a class: painting, yoga, dance…something that forces you to keep your mind and body busy with some project, no matter how small it is.

It is absolutely essential that you find the meaning in the things that surround you: in your child’s smile, in the partner that you love, or in the friends or family that are everything to you.  Think of the pet that always wants to be near you, in the walk through the park that you always enjoyed.  Get excited for a trip, for a small change in your life, or for something bigger.  Make a goal and think about what you can do to achieve it.

Little by little, day to day, that spark will end up burning the lethargy of your sadness.  It will burn whatever is sticking around and that sometimes doesn’t let you see just how beautiful life is.  Take care of yourself, and be happy every day.  You deserve it.