The 5 Best Sex Positions for the First Time

Moving to the next level with your partner can be an act of love, although it creates the stress of finding the best sex positions for the first time.
The 5 Best Sex Positions for the First Time
Isbelia Esther Farías López

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Last update: 26 May, 2022

Are you looking for the best sex positions for the first time ever, or the first time with a new partner? When the moment of intimacy with a partner approaches, people begin to feel rather nervous. Even if they really want to take the step and are convinced the other person is the right person to start to have sex with, it’s totally normal that doubts and fears arise.

Choosing the right sex positions for the first time is an important step, as this can facilitate the connection with that special person and, at the same time, avoid pain in some cases. Don’t be shy – discover them here!

5 best sex positions for the first time

The first step to create a relaxed atmosphere is to prepare a warm environment you feel comfortable in. According to an article in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, a good option is to plan a special dinner with the lights dimmed. This will favor romance and maybe hide some of the embarrassment you may have.

This way, you won’t go straight to the sex act and you can relax and not be so preoccupied about what may happen later – it’ll help to reduce your nerves and stress!

Carrying out foreplay before intercourse is vital. These will help you to achieve a level of arousal that promotes natural lubrication to prevent pain during intercourse due to dryness. In addition, the trust between you will increase and that will provide a safe environment for that special moment later.

However, sometimes it isn’t possible to plan things out and the sexual encounter just happens. In that case, it’s good to know which are the best sex positions for the first time. This will help you to have pleasant memories of the moment you were so waiting for – the moment you gave your love to a person for the first time in the most intimate way.

1. The missionary position

Among all the best sex positions for the first time collected by a study published in the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, the missionary position is one of the most popular and well-known.

For shyer girls, it has the advantage of them being able to connect at a visual level and they’ll feel they aren’t exposing the whole of their body so visibly. At the same time, the closeness helps her feel safe with their man, and if she’s had sex before and this is the first time with her new partner, then she won’t feel the pressure of having to try out a position she hasn’t tried before.

A couple in bed about to have sex.
The missionary position is a great position to have sex for the first time with your partner.

How is it practiced?

  • The woman lies on the bed on her back with her legs spread.
  • The man gently settles on top of her and is responsible for intercourse, directing all the “action”. Having said that, the woman can also help to slide his penis inside her vagina with her hand.
  • The missionary position is simple and allows the couple to feel completely united.

The woman will feel that the man is in control and that is reassuring. As time goes by, you’ll find other stimuli and you’ll gain in experience and confidence.

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2. Riding on top

Sometimes the first time is in less conventional settings with little space. But when there’s a desire for sex, you just have to try to adapt.

This position can even be carried out in a car seat! Cars can indeed be places where you can experience the most intimate and pleasurable encounters. In this sense, riding on top is an ideal sexual position for these situations.

How is it practiced?

  • In this case, she is the one who must position herself on top of her partner. From there, she can control and guide the rhythm of the penetration.
  • For his part, the partner can embrace her, caress her and kiss her lovingly.

Tender and romantic, spooning is a good alternative for the first time for girls who don’t want to give away their facial expressions. They can use this position to gain confidence and start gradually trying out new positions to conquer their fears or embarrassment.

A man about to have sex with his partner from behind.

How is it practiced?

  • Both lie on their sides, in an almost fetal position, facing the same direction.
  • Meanwhile, the man embraces her from behind, brings her vagina closer to him, and initiates penetration gently.
  • She can accompany with hip movements and, when she feels ready, she can choose whether or not to turn her head to look at him.

4. Fusion

If there is enough trust between the couple, this position allows an easier and more balanced penetration.

How is it practiced?

  • The man should sit on the bed and she will position herself on top of him.
  • Their genitals will join together and they’ll support each other with their arms at the sides.

Here again, the woman will control the speed and rhythm.

In addition, there must be enough confidence and self-esteem to look at each other throughout the whole sex act. Every expression, every movement will be observed, making the climax even more exciting and feelings reach fever point.

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5. Standing in the shower

Some couples choose the shower as one of the places to practice different sexual positions for the first time.

A couple having steamy sex in the shower.

Perhaps you may have been inspired by love movies with scenes like the one above. If you’ve watched them together then you might fancy giving it a try. Having sex in the shower is romantic as well as sensual. Also, the water falling on your bodies as you explore each other gives that sought-after feeling of relaxation and pleasure.

How is it practiced?

  • She stands with her arms against the wall, spreads her legs, and leans forward a little.
  • He, from behind, penetrates her while caressing her breasts and kissing her back.
  • Additional arousing factors such as soap, sponge, and foam can also be used to great effect.

Sex positions for the first time, an unforgettable moment

Whether it’s the spooning, missionary, fusion, or any other of the above-mentioned sex positions, the important thing is to be sure you want to share this special moment with your chosen partner and to enjoy the time without any fear. Whether it’s the first time ever, or your first time with a new partner, it can turn out to be an experience full of true pleasure.

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