Making Love in the Bathroom: 5 Great Sex Positions

Making love in the bathroom can be a pleasurable experience, but some couples haven't tried it yet. We'll propose 5 positions to encourage you.
Making Love in the Bathroom: 5 Great Sex Positions

Last update: 09 October, 2022

You may think that making love in the bathroom isn’t the most comfortable place to have sex with your partner. However, it’s good to spice things up a bit and have some different experiences. For this reason, it’s worth giving the bathroom a chance to express your love from time to time!

You’ll need to be more careful due to the characteristics of the room, and take certain precautions. So, just decide what sex positions you’d like to try, and get ready for some fun, pleasurable and passionate times. Discover them here!

What to know before making love in the bathroom?

Making love in the bathroom is one of many ways to break up the normal routine in the bedroom.

This room, even though it isn’t one of the most comfortable, can be a sensual and fun place to have sex. However, because letting your passions loose, it’s advisable to take into account some safety measures to avoid accidents.

  • Non-slip mat: Buy a non-slip mat to prevent accidents on the smooth floor. Its rubber material adheres to the floor and prevents slips and falls. If you don’t have one handy then use a towel instead.
A non-slip mat.
  • Use water-soluble sex lubricant: Water can actually make the friction of sex painful. Although some think it holds in moisture, it’s actually not enough to lubricate the private parts on its own. So it’s best that you purchase a water-soluble lubricant to avoid discomfort.
  • Condom: Condoms and water don’t usually get along well, as indicated by research in 2018. During penetration, it can dry out and can be irritating for the woman. In addition, if water gets inside, there may be more risk of breakage. But, if you still decide to use one, use plenty of water-soluble lubricant and check from time to time that it’s still in place.
  • Sex toys. To avoid the discomfort that we’ve just mentioned with condoms, or to make the encounter more fun, some couples dare to use sex toys. Of course, it’s essential to verify that they’re waterproof, especially if they use batteries.

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The best positions to make love in the bathroom

Are you keen to start making love in the bathroom? Here are some of the positions you can practice.


First of all, this is one of many couple’s favorite positions to have sex in the shower. It’s safe, allows you to enjoy deep penetration, and is exciting for both.

A couple having sex from behind in the bathroom.

To carry it out, the woman will lean her arms against the wall while her partner caresses her and penetrates her from behind.

Doggy style

The classic doggy style  is perfect for having sex in the bathroom. There’s no risk of falling, it doesn’t require too much effort and, of course, it’s ideal for “wild sex”.

  • The woman rests on all fours on a mat or towel.
  • Her partner, kneeling, penetrates her from behind, usually holding her hips while he thrusts.

Against the wall

To begin with, it’s important to note that this position is more physically demanding. It should be practiced with care, as a wrong move can result in a fall.

A couple having sex against a wall.


To perform it, the woman leans her back against the wall and intertwines her legs around his body. The man will need to exert a lot of strength to keep her in the air as he penetrates her.

Lying down positions

The classic positions are also options. If the bathroom is big enough, it is you can also try lying positions, such as the missionary position or dominant sex positions.

Either one of you lies on the floor, while the other person takes control of the matter. The added bonus of being wet in the shower will undoubtedly add a lot of excitement to the act.

Sitting position

Do you find making love in the shower uncomfortable or rather difficult? Well, you may laugh at this, but what about having sex while sitting on the toilet.

The man will sit on the toilet, and the woman gets on top. He can move as he needs to in order to ensure stability.

Do you dare to try these bathroom sex positions out?

Don’t forget to warm up! There are different ways to get creative in the bathroom with foreplay. Use the soap to massage each other or give each other caresses while you both shower. And if you want to prolong the encounter, take advantage of the drying time to continue the action in the comfort of the bedroom.

The most important thing is to let your imagination run free. Any place can be ideal to awaken your desires and experience amazing sensations. So, have you never left the bedroom when it comes to sex? As a first step why not surprise your man while he’s taking a shower? You won’t regret it! And nor will he!

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